Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend AARC Congress 2017

AARC Congress 2017

The 2017 AARC International Congress will be held in Indianapolis, IN, Oct. 4-7. There are many reasons why you should do whatever you can to attend this year’s event, including:

  1. Education, Education, Education! This year’s Congress will offer more than 200 continuing education sessions covering all practices and specialties, from adult to neonatal critical care and everything in between.
  2. The AARC Open Forum offers a chance to learn even more as fellow RTs present original research they’ve conducted on numerous topics. The presentations are much shorter and there are also “poster only” sessions where you can read about the research.
  3. Check out all the latest respiratory equipment in one place! The very popular Exhibit Hall not only lets you see the equipment up close but you’ll be able to ask questions about how it works and how it can help your patients. If you already use the equipment, take the opportunity to ask that one nagging question you’ve always wanted to know about it.
  4. Network with other RTs and health care workers, not just from other states, but from around the world! You’ll not only create new professional contacts, but you’ll make some new friends as well.
  5. Is your facility still using out of date equipment or out of date therapies? You can solve those problems by attending lectures on the latest evidence-based respiratory care practice, and you’ll also have the opportunity to meet the speakers and learn from their experience. You’ll have references and resources to bring back to your manager and/or facility’s physicians to help you move toward current practice too!
  6. Have you ever watched or participated in a Sputum Bowl in your state? The AARC National Sputum Bowl takes that up a few notches! The national practitioner and student bowl competitions are held during the first two days of the Congress and the exciting Finals Night takes place during the evening on Oct. 6.
  7. In addition to attending the educational sessions offered by the Congress, you can maximize your trip by taking part in educational pre-courses held the day before the meeting, breakfast and lunch symposia held during the meeting, and more — all available at little to no additional cost.
  8. After your first full day of Congress, you can relax, network, or dance the night away with other RTs at the annual Welcome Party. We promise the band is going to be terrific!
  9. While you are in Indianapolis, take the opportunity to visit Lucas Oil Stadium and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, and enjoy the museums and scenery along the Central Canal.
  10. If you live in a Mid-Atlantic or Northeastern state and have never been to Congress before, this is great opportunity to find out what it is all about! Indianapolis is the furthest north that Congress has been held in the past 10 years, and October is a GREAT time to visit! Many RTs live within driving distance and can save on travel costs if they come to this meeting.

Tom Lamphere is chair of the AARC Congress 2017 Program Committee and executive director of the Pennsylvania Society for Respiratory Care.

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