Early Professional Membership for Students

To help students transition from the academic to the working world, the AARC offers a tiered pricing structure called the Early Professional Membership.

How does the Early Professional Membership work?

To qualify as an Early Professional Member, students must join the AARC prior to their graduation. Members joining after graduation will not be eligible for this program. Respiratory care students enrolled in an AARC recognized or accredited entry-to-practice educational program are eligible for the Early Professional Membership. Persons with NBRC credentials are not eligible to enter the Early Professional program. Each tier of membership is based on the member’s join date — not their status in or out of school. We want early professionals to take full advantage of the benefits of AARC membership as early in their career as possible.

Early Professional Membership Rates:

Year 1 enroll: $25
Year 2 renewal: $25
Year 3 renewal: $40
Year 4 renewal: $60
Year 5 and beyond renewal: Active Member Pricing

All pricing listed includes a Digital Membership.

Discounts apply in the first four years of AARC membership. Members must renew their AARC membership each year before it expires to remain in the program. If AARC membership lapses, they will be removed from the tiered pricing.

Join online or contact our Customer Service team at (972) 243-2272 (Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. central).

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