Renew Your NBRC Credentials in Just a Few Clicks

 Published: December 1, 2015

By: Jeanette Chawdhury

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Experience the priceless benefits of an AARC membership. The AARC and the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) have partnered together to make credential renewals a quick click process that will make the credentialing process easier than ever before.

Although there are several ways to renew NBRC credentials — AARC members will now find the easiest way to renew their credentials is by submitting a minimum number of continuing respiratory care education AARC CRCE® credits to the NBRC.

By taking and completing AARC CRCE® credit courses which will automatically build an AARC transcript — AARC members can simply enter their AARC member number into the NBRC Continuing Competency Program renewal website, which will then import their AARC CRCE® transcript into the NBRC’s database. NBRC’s database will then display all of the courses, completion dates, and course hours on the NBRC website and will show the number of hours completed and number of hours outstanding to renew the credential. If the respiratory therapist needs to renew more than one credential, the CRCE® courses will be separated by the different credential content categories.

Visit or AARC University for a list of AARC CRCE® credit courses. All AARC members who acquire CRCE® credit will automatically acquire an AARC member transcript that will help a member to keep track all of CRCE® credits acquired.

Skip the manual process of entering course credits when renewing your NBRC credentials today — and start earning your CRCEs.

Follow these steps to renew your credentials the easy way:

  1. Complete AARC-approved CRCE® courses
  2. Completed CRCE® courses will automatically be listed on your AARC transcript when rosters are updated
  3. Visit the NBRC renewal website at
  4. Enter your AARC member number in the NBRC Continuing Competency Program renewal website
  5. Once your member number is entered, your AARC transcript will be imported into NBRC’s database
  6. The NBRC database will display all your courses, completion dates, and course hours
  7. NBRC will also show a summary of the number of hours completed and how many hours are still needed, if any, to renew the credential
  8. Click submit — you’re done!

Additional Tips to maximize your AARC transcript

Join or Renew Membership

  • Maintain your AARC membership: The AARC will keep records of all AARC continuing education activity but does not keep records of non-member activity. If you let your membership lapse, any continuing education event you attend will not be listed on your transcript.
  • Include your AARC number when you sign in at conferences or other CRCE® events: Without your AARC number, the roster that the course sponsor sends to the AARC after the continuing education event may not pick up your membership. The only way to ensure that your record is properly credited with your educational activity is to make sure you include your AARC member number, your name, your email address, and your state.
  • Take advantage of AARC educational events at AARC University: These activities are immediately posted to your AARC transcript as soon as you are finished with the activity.

Respiratory therapists can add courses to the NBRC Continuing Competency Program website at any time. NBRC recertification is open six (6) months prior to the expiration date of the credentials. For additional questions regarding expiration dates or the Continuing Competency Program, please contact the NBRC at (888) 341-4811 or

Email with questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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