Student RTs: An AARC Congress Symposium Just for You

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There are many good reasons to attend the AARC Congress as a student RT. You’ll get the chance to sit in the room as some of the biggest names in the profession address the hottest topics in the field. You’ll be able to network with colleagues from across the nation and around the world. You’ll see the latest in technology in an Exhibit Hall filled with all the major vendors in the industry.

But if you’re a student who’s going to San Antonio this October, there is one session you can’t afford to miss. Designed especially for people who are getting ready to graduate and embark on their careers in RT, the Student Seminar is chocked full of the kind of information your educators wish they’d had when they were just starting out. Here’s what three of them have to say about the seminar and why you should attend —

Most respiratory therapy programs don’t have time to cover everything you need to know to be an RT. Some of these topics include the skills and knowledge that a new graduate will need to succeed in the real world. Items such as taking your NBRC board exams and getting your state licensure are just a few examples of areas that students often are not prepared to handle. After all, you can’t work until you do those things. “But I need a job!” you say. Don’t worry, this symposium will give you the information to do that too. — Brian Cayko, MBA, RRT, GFC MSU Respiratory Therapist Program, Great Falls, MT

This may sound a bit self-serving as I am one of the presenters, but I can tell you that the topics and speakers were carefully selected by the AARC Program Committee to provide what it considers key content for today’s student. Deliberations among the committee members have always resulted in two very important and key themes — successful performance on the NBRC credentialing exam and securing meaningful and fulfilling employment. In short, it’s about getting your RRT and getting a job. Students have echoed these key points time and time again and the Program Committee delivered. We have assembled a highly talented and experienced cadre of speakers that represent experience and expertise in these key areas. We know these are front and center in your mind, so join us at a true student-centered symposium where you can hear firsthand from the people that make the hiring decisions and the people that not only write the questions but prepare students for exam success. We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio. — Bill Galvin, MEd, RRT, FAARC, program director, respiratory care, Gwynedd Mercy University, Gwynedd Valley, PA

Many of the graduates from respiratory therapy programs across the country have limited professional job experience. This year’s Student Seminar will assist the current student, or recent graduate, in obtaining the skills needed to acquire and maintain their new professional career. Additionally, the seminar will assist the attendee’s ability to pass the two primary NBRC board exams, which have approximate pass rates of 77% (TMC) and 56% (CSE). — Aaron Light, DHSc, RRT-ACCS, program director, respiratory care, Ozarks Technical Community College, Springfield, MO

The Student Seminar is scheduled for Monday, October 17, from 9:15 a.m.-12:25 p.m. Check the Congress Program for more information on topics, speakers, and registration

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