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The reduction of waste and the provision of improved care are even more important in today’s challenging and value driven environment. The delivery of respiratory care is no exception.

As a solution to hospitals, the American Association for Respiratory Care is now offering the Safe and Effective Staffing Guide (SESG), a validated, nationally recognized staffing optimization tool. The SESG provides the opportunity for your Respiratory Care Department to apply value driven methodology to ensure that resources are only consumed based on cost, efficiency, quality of service, and safety.

Measuring productivity alone is no longer relevant if the procedures provided are not clinically indicated or driven by evidence-based practice. The SESG expands upon these concepts to meet the needs of today’s RT leaders. The SESG is specifically designed to assist RT leaders in the following areas:

  • Evaluate the value of services to determine appropriate staffing levels
  • Access to newly updated, validated, procedural time standards and CPT codes
  • Methodology to incorporate the concept of Value Efficiency into staffing decisions
  • Tools, references, case studies, and best practices in staffing optimization

Do you want your RT department to deliver world class care driven by value-based decision making? Do you want to ensure that RT productivity is measured by the value of care you provide and not simply measured by tabulating procedure counts? If so, the SESG is your answer!

Interested? We invite you to use the below express email today to reach out to your RT leadership for further discussion. The individual you designate will receive a link to the AARC Safe and Effective Staffing Guide home page with the opportunity to download a free SESG Primer with information to subscribe to the complete online version.

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