Specialty Section Meetings: Everyone’s Invited!

The AARC supports eight specialty sections for RTs who work in areas of the profession ranging from adult acute care to patient transport. All eight will host section meetings at AARC Congress 2018, and everyone – not just current section members – is invited to attend.

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Why should you consider joining in? Because the AARC specialty sections are one of the best ways around to boost your career.

Instant network

The key benefit to joining a specialty section is found in the dedicated discussion lists hosted by the sections on AARConnect. Once you are a member of one of these groups, you automatically acquire access to the discussion list and can begin to develop a solid network of colleagues from across the country, and in some cases, around the world too.

Top respiratory therapists in each of the specialties regularly monitor the discussions, and they stand ready to weigh in with expert advice and answer questions from other members of the group.

Many will be at the section meetings in Las Vegas too, making those meetings the perfect meet-and-greet opportunity for anyone seeking to get ahead in a specialty area.

“Clinicians that work with the neonatal-pediatric population know it is the most diverse and challenging patient population there is in medicine,” said Neonatal-Pediatrics Section Chair Steve Sittig, RRT, RRT-NPS, FAARC. “Every year the AARC Congress provides high level information on all areas, including neo/peds. The Neo/Peds Section meets every year at the Congress to discuss topics of interest and how to make the section stronger.”

Carl Hinkson, MS, RRT, RRT-ACCS, RRT-NPS, FAARC, chair of the Adult Acute Care Section, agrees the sections hold high value for those seeking to grow their careers.

“The specialty section is a great way to network, share ideas, and learn from others who share the same professional interest that you do,” he said. “Come by the meeting, see and meet some of the other Adult Acute Care Section members and see what it is all about.”

Other AARC specialty sections include: Respiratory Diagnostics, Education, Management, Post-Acute Care, Sleep, and Surface & Air Transport. Learn more and then consider coming by one or more of their meetings at AARC Congress 2018, Dec. 4-7, in Las Vegas.

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