AARC Issue Papers

AARC Issue Papers are board-approved statements and research reviews on professional topics such as productivity, safety, and best practices.

Current Issue Papers

Determining the Value-Efficiency of Respiratory Care

In preparation for future editions of the AARC Uniform Reporting Manual, this issue paper defines a new metric called “Value-Efficiency” and stresses the need for the respiratory care profession to capture and report both time and value standards that can be applied in justifying respiratory care resources.

Improving Access to Respiratory Care

This white paper details the most pressing access barriers facing patients suffering from respiratory health conditions — and related policy solutions and is a collaboration of the Respiratory Therapy Access Working Group from the Institute for Patient Access.

Entry to Respiratory Therapy Practice 2030

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate the need to advance the minimum education of a respiratory therapist from an associate degree to a baccalaureate degree and to advance the licensure of practitioners to the RRT credential for entry to practice. (Review the Executive Summary)

RRT Credential

This issue paper stresses the importance on obtaining the advanced credential of the profession and provides information on the reasons an individual should obtain the RRT credential.

Safe Initiation And Management Of Mechanical Ventilation

This issue paper aims to improve the safe initiation and management of mechanical ventilation. Published by the AARC and the University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC).

Retired Issue Papers

Guidelines for Acquisition of Ventilators to Meet Demands for Pandemic Flu and Mass Casualty Incidents

This issue paper gives recommendations about ventilator acquisitions and other issues that should be considered when planning for a pandemic flu or other mass casualty event. This paper has been retired.

Respiratory Care: Advancement of the Profession Tripartite Statements of Support

The AARC, NBRC and CoARC have issued a statement on the advancement of the profession. This paper has been retired.

Utilization in Respiratory Care

An issue paper describing utilization review in acute and post acute settings. This paper has been retired.

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