Respiratory Therapist State Licensure Information

Practice acts and respiratory therapy licensure laws contain exemption or exception sections. Be aware that different state laws may exempt different individuals, entities or services. Most licensure board websites have both the statute and regulations. It is important to know exactly what the law or regulations permit in each state. Also be aware that most licensure boards have the authority to make changes to the respiratory practice act through rules, regulations and advisory opinions, and they frequently do. To assure you have the most accurate respiratory therapist state licensure information, refer to the respiratory therapy licensure boards’ sites. A list of state licensure board and committee contacts is available.

Affiliate # of Licenses Renewal Period C.E. Hours Fees
Alabama 2,914 Biennial 24 total

*Minimum 12 traditional

Alaska No licensure
Arizona 4,153 Biennial 20 total

*2 hours of Ethics

*Minimum 5 traditional

Arkansas 2,123 Annual 12 total $75—Initial
California 23,680 Biennial 30 total

*3 hours state-specific laws and professional ethics

**The AARC’s California Law and Professional Ethics Course is available

Colorado 3,831 Biennial

August 31st of even-numbered years

Not required for renewal $85—Initial
Connecticut 1,924 Annual 10 total

*Minimum 5 traditional

Delaware 762 Biennial 20 total

*Minimum 10 traditional

District of Columbia 800 Biennial

January 31st of odd-numbered years

16 total

*2 hours of ethics

*2  hours of LGBTQ continuing education

**ten percent (10%) of the total required continuing education shall be in the subjects determined by the Director as public health priorities of the District, which shall be duly published every five (5) years or as deemed appropriate.

Florida 13,938 Biennial

May 31st of odd-numbered years

24 total

*2 hours of medical errors

*2 hours of laws and rules

*1 hour of human trafficking awareness

Georgia 5,479 Biennial 30 total $150—Initial
Hawaii 793 Triennial

June 30th every 3 years

Not required for renewal $340—Initial
Idaho 1,091 Annual

June 30th

12 total $100—Initial
Illinois 5,553 Biennial 24 total $120—Initial
Indiana 5,240 Biennial 15 total $50—Initial
Iowa 1,888 Biennial 24 total

*Minimum 12  traditional

Kansas 2,182 Annual 12 total

*Minimum 6 traditional

$72—Online Renewal
Kentucky 3,840 Biennial 24 total $150—Initial
Louisiana 3,510 Annual 10 total $125—Initial
Maine 942 Annual Not required for renewal $86—Initial
Maryland 2,744 Biennial 16 total $200—Initial
Massachusetts 3,277 Biennial 20 total $260—Initial
Michigan 5,374 Biennial Not required for renewal

*1 hour of implicit bias training for each year of license or registration cycle

Minnesota 2,014 Annual 24 total every 2 years $190—Initial
Mississippi 2,541 Biennial 20 total $75—Initial
Missouri 4,460 Biennial 24 total

*Minimum 12 traditional

Montana 661 Annual

May 1st every year

24 total every 2 years, due at renewal on even-numbered years $100—Initial
Nebraska 1,551 Biennial

June 1st of even-numbered years

20 total $118—Initial
Nevada 1,753 Biennial

June 30th of odd-numbered years

20 total

*2 hours of ethics

$185—Initial Reg fee 1st
$92.50—Initial Reg fee in 2ed yr
$75—Criminal background check
New Hampshire 628 Biennial

*Beginning on February 22, 2023, licenses issued will expire two years from the date of issuance, on the last day of the month in the month the license was issued.

Effective May 22, 2023, Plc 1507.04 Continuing Professional Competence Requirements states that New Hampshire requires 24 CEUs completed within the last 2 years $165—Initial
New Jersey 3,450 Biennial 30 total

*1 hour of infection control

*1 hour of patient safety/medical errors

*1 hour of ethics

New Mexico 1,243 Biennial 20 total

*1 hour of ethics

New York 7,848 (6,956 RRT;
882 CRT)
Triennial 30 total

*Minimum 15 traditional

North Carolina 5,197 Annual 12 total

*Minimum 6 traditional

North Dakota 644 Annual 10 total $80—Initial
Ohio 8,820 Biennial 20 total

*1 hour Ohio RC law or professional ethics

Oklahoma 2,423 Biennial 12 total $100—Initial
Oregon 1,917 Annual 7 total

*2.5 hours must be directly related to clinical practice

Pennsylvania 7,379 (549 Board of Osteo Med;
6,830 Board of Med)
Biennial 30 total

*Minimum 10 traditional

*1 hour medical ethics

*1 hour patient safety

*2 hours of board-approved recognition and reporting of child abuse

Puerto Rico 2,727 Triennial 30 total, due biennially $50—Initial
Rhode Island 629 Biennial 12 total

*Maximum of 6 hours online

*2 hours of ethics

South Carolina 2,956 Biennial 30 total $120—Initial
South Dakota 528 Biennial 20 total

*2 hours patient safety

Tennessee 4,958 (3,708 RRT;
1,250 CRT)
Biennial 12 every calendar year, 24 per renewal cycle

*1 hour of patient safety per year

*1 hour of ethics per year

Texas 15,869 Biennial 24 total

*Minimum 12 hours traditional

*2 hours of ethics

*1 hour of human trafficking approved by executive commissioner of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Utah 1,715 Biennial Not required for renewal $60—Initial
Vermont 457 Biennial 12 total $100—Initial
Virginia 4,344 Biennial 20 total $135—Initial
Washington 3,184 Biennial 30 total

Maximum 10 hours self-study

West Virginia 1,864 Annual 20 total every 2 years

Maximum 10 hours self-study

Wisconsin 2,843 Biennial Not required for renewal $150—Initial
Wyoming 784 Annual 8 total $100—Application

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