AARC Volunteer-led Grassroots Advocacy Committee

The AARC Volunteer-led Grassroots Advocacy Committee reports to the Board of Directors and works closely with the Advocacy and Government Affairs staff in AARC’s Executive Office. The committee serves as a resource to our State Societies in promoting grassroots activities to push AARC’s legislative agenda when Congressional leaders are in their home districts during Congressional recess. The Committee also works with AARC’s PACT representatives and keeps statistics during our Virtual Lobby Campaign. The volunteers who comprise this Committee are assigned state groupings in an effort to maintain continuity of resources. If you need assistance or have best practices to report, please reach out to your state’s representative.

Committee Contact Assigned States
Frank Salvatore — CT,
Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York
Carrie Black-Bourassa — MN Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin
Charity Bowling — IN Indiana, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota
John Campbell — MS Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas
Jeffrey Gonzalez — NE Nebraska, Iowa, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho
Joe Goss — NJ New Jersey, Ohio, Georgia, Florida
Mike Madison — CA Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah
Jefferson Mixell — DE Delaware, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina
Pat Munzer — KS Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas
Natalie Napolitano — PA Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland/DC, Kentucky
Keith Siegel — ME Maine, Vermont/New Hampshire, Puerto Rico
Gary Wickman — WA Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, Alaska

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