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A Guide to Aerosol Delivery Devices (5th Edition) — 6.0 CRCE

Free AARC Courses — Aerosol Guide—RTMastery of both the art and science of aerosol delivery can have a profound impact on appropriately matching medications and delivery devices to optimize your patients’ clinical outcomes. The fourth edition of this Aerosol Guide delivers detailed and comprehensive information that, when combined with your dedication and commitment to be the professional experts in this important area, will empower you to provide guidance to your physician, nurse, and pharmacist colleagues — but, most importantly, to your patients. Read more about the guide.

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COVID-19: Lessons Learned

Free AARC Courses - COVID-19: Lessons LearnedIn addition to RTs working tirelessly across the globe to combat the virus, publications on the practice have erupted these past two years. The “COVID-19: Lessons Learned” guide combines the literature on COVID-19 and provides evidence-based practices related to the care of these critically ill patients. This guide helps set a strong foundation for the RT’s ability to deliver the best care to patients with COVID-19.

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CRCE through the Journal — 1.0 CRCE per month

Each month, Respiratory Care offers 1 free CRCE for AARC members only. All you have to do is achieve a passing score on the quiz based on the latest issue of Respiratory Care.

CRCE through the Journal

Live AARC Webcasts — 1.0 CRCE each

AARC Webcasts are online educational events that take place right on your computer. AARC members can attend a live event and earn free CRCE© credit or watch a past program and take a quick test for credit. Pre-registration is required for live events.

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