RC Week Provides the Perfect Vehicle for Employee Recognition

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Many hospitals have official employee recognition programs designed to let their staff know how valued they are and reward them for going above and beyond for patients.

Do these programs pay off? According to a recent article published by Quantum Workplace, they do. Their research found –

  • The number one reason why people leave their jobs is lack of recognition, and recognition for work is a top driver of candidate attraction.
  • 52.5% of employees say they want more recognition from their managers, and 41% desire more recognition from their coworkers.
  • Organizations with recognition programs had 31% lower voluntary turnover rates and 28.6% lower frustration levels among employees.

How can organizations recognize their employees? The answer to that question runs the gamut from monetary rewards to thank-you notes for a job well done. But the respiratory care profession has another option that many departments use every year to spotlight their staff.

National Respiratory Care Week – coming up October 23-29 – provides the perfect vehicle to recognize therapists for their critical role in caring for patients.

The AARC’s RC Week Planning Guide offers a wealth of information on how to get the most out of our special week, but here are just a few highlights from the “Events and Activities” lists that you may want to consider for RC Week 2022 –

  • Sponsor events that offer employees continuing education for CRCE, acknowledgment of accomplishments, or teambuilding activities.
  • Acknowledge the accomplishments of your team, including administrative staff, with an awards luncheon or recognition reception.
  • Make a video about your respiratory team and show it at a party for your staff.
  • Reward a staff member with an AARC membership, webcast, or online educational course.
  • Play a respiratory or department trivia game or have a mini-Sputum Bowl.
  • Gather a team to participate in a local 5K or other fun run event and wear your RC Week t-shirts.
  • Set up a fundraiser to send a pediatric patient to an asthma camp.
  • Invite other facility staff to a boxed lunch event where you can bring them up to date on the latest advances in respiratory care.
  • Show a Be an RT video in the cafeteria during a lunch hour to demonstrate the role of respiratory therapists in health care.

The planning guide also includes great tips on getting the word out about National Respiratory Care Week to local media, along with a link to the AARC Store and all the great RC Week merchandise available there.

So when you think about employee recognition, remember that your profession has a built-in way to achieve it! National Respiratory Care Week is our time to shine.

Get more great ideas in the RC Week Planning Guide.

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