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Credentialing exams are a fact of life in health care, and the respiratory care profession is no exception. In every state except Alaska, therapists must pass the CRT exam — or in some cases now, the RRT exam as well — to legally work as an RT. Specialty credentials are also available for those who want to demonstrate their value in specific areas of the profession.

For most therapists, though, preparing for these exams is a significant challenge. The tests cover an immense amount of information, and it’s often hard to decide where to even start when it comes time to study. Whether you’re a new grad sitting for that very first exam or an RT who’s been around awhile and is ready to add a new acronym behind his name, you’ll probably be looking for help.

The AARC is here for you. Working with leading educators in the field, the Association has developed a series of credentialing examination preparation courses that can break the study process down into manageable bits and help ensure you pass that exam on the first try. They include —

CRT and RRT Exam Prep: This 30-hour course provides you with everything you need to successfully sit for the Therapist Multiple Choice and Clinical Simulation exams. You start by taking the self-assessment exams on the NBRC website, and then you return to the AARC Exam Prep Program for an analysis of your scores. You’ll receive a personalized ‘study prescription’ designed to help you gain the knowledge you missed on the assessment tests. From there, you’ll go to AARC University to view specially designed videos aimed at providing you with the missing information. When you’ve finished your prescription, you take an NBRC self-assessment post-test to see how much you’ve improved. Learn More

Adult Critical Care Specialist Course: Over 13.5 hours, you’ll learn everything you need to know to pass the ACCS exam offered by the NBRC. Therapists who earn the ACCS credential place themselves on a level playing field with other critical care professionals in the ICUs who hold specialty credentials in their areas of expertise. Learn More

Neonatal-Pediatric Specialist Course: Designed especially for RTs working with infants and children, this course runs for 20 hours and will prepare you to sit for the NBRC’s NPS exam. In many children’s hospitals around the country, the NPS is either a requirement for the job or can give an applicant a serious leg up on the competition. Learn More

Asthma Educator Certification Preparation Course: This course, which runs for 11 hours, is designed for therapists who want to sit for the AE-C exam offered by the NAECB. More than 5,000 health care professionals from various disciplines have earned this credential since the exam became available in 2002, setting them up to succeed in the growing field of asthma education. Learn More

The AARC offers a wealth of other continuing education programs as well, many of which can help you on your road to your next credential. See what’s available on our Education page.

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