Are You Ready for Your Next Job Opportunity?

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In a profession like respiratory care where job opportunities are generally plentiful, even folks who are happy where they are right now may occasionally think about what may be next for them in their career. But thinking about new opportunities and being ready to take advantage of them are two different things.

Would you have your ducks in a row if you got a call tomorrow about a great new job? According to Jeffrey Davis, BS, RRT, director of respiratory care services at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA, there are several things you can do to ensure the answer to that question is yes. Here are his top five recommendations for respiratory therapists —

  1. Review and update your resume/CV with current accomplishments every few months or at least twice a year. The accomplishments will be fresh in your mind as you add them to your resume.
  2. Engagement and networking is key. Not only should you be a member of your professional organizations — the AARC and your state society — you should participate in committees and volunteer to help organize activities, etc. It is a small amount of your time and it is impactful for the organizations. As a hiring manager, I am more inclined to choose the candidate who participates, even at a basic level, with the AARC and state society.
  3. Stay connected. Not only does it help lead to career advancements but it also helps make lifelong friendships. If you are going to use social media such as AARConnect, LinkedIn, or Facebook, think before you post. On LinkedIn I rarely connect with people who do not put any effort into their profile. One must always think before posting or sharing items on social media sites.
  4. Keep track of what you have done in your career. It is easy to forget the accomplishments that seem minor at the time but may be the difference between getting and not getting the job.
  5. One never knows when an ideal career opportunity will arise, even if you are fully satisfied in your current position. Your first answer should never be “no” when asked if you would be interested in a new opportunity. Take the time to think it through.

Following Jeff’s advice throughout the year will help ensure you will be ready to go the next time a new job opportunity comes your way.

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