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Respiratory therapy programs do a wonderful job of preparing therapists to step into roles at the bedside. As a staff therapist, you can grow your clinical expertise slowly over time, and as your experience builds, so does you confidence in your ability to deliver care to patients.

But what happens if you get the opportunity to move into a managerial role? Or you’re asked to serve as a preceptor for students who rotate through your hospital or even to teach a class at your local school program? Or a physician approaches you about helping out with a research study?

You need to expand your knowledge base, and you need to expand it now!

That’s where the AARC’s Leadership Institute can come into play.

Web-based sessions

The Leadership Institute was developed especially to provide working RTs with the additional knowledge and skills they need to succeed in management, education, and research. Topics covered in the sessions relate specifically to the respiratory care profession, so you know you are getting information that you can actually put to work in your organization.

Each of the three tracks consists of six to eight modules and is approved for 15-16 hours of CRCE credit. The web-based sessions come with PDF documents you can download to use in the course and save for future reference as well.

Most importantly for the busy working therapist, you can complete the modules at your own pace and on any device you choose – computer, laptop, tablet.

Here’s what’s covered in each of the tracks —


  • Principles and Methods of Respiratory Therapy Adult Education
  • Developing Respiratory Therapy Courses and Evaluation of Learning
  • Clinical Instruction Techniques for Students and Employees
  • Classroom and Laboratory Instruction Technique
  • Educational Technology
  • Continuing Education


  • Health Care Infrastructure and Economics
  • Leadership and Your Organization
  • Leadership and Your Team
  • Integrated Business Topics for Managers
  • Law and Ethics: Practice and Application
  • Managing Human Capital
  • Finance and Budgeting for Departments
  • Data Driven Performance Improvement


  • Overview of Respiratory Care Research and Ethics
  • Performing Physical Measurements in Research
  • Developing a Research Study
  • Conducting a Research Study
  • Basic Statistics
  • Reporting Clinical Research Results

Take a look

So if you are in need of a quick way to boost your knowledge and skills in management, education, or research, take a closer look at the Leadership Institute. These tracks can provide you with the head start you need to embark on your next professional adventure.

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