Best of Aerosol Therapy 2014

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Management of acute and chronic respiratory conditions with inhaled medications remains a cornerstone for the profession of respiratory care. As aerosol therapy continues to be such a vital component of the profession, RESPIRATORY CARE receives and publishes numerous manuscripts each year on this important clinical topic. This e-book in the Best of RESPIRATORY CARE series contains the Top 7 must-read manuscript selections from 2014 in the clinical area of aerosol therapy.

  • Predictors of Outcome in 216 Subjects With ARDS Treated With Inhaled Epoprostenol
    by Jose Pacheco MD, Heather Arnold PharmD, Lee Skrupky PharmD, Peggy Watts MSc RRT, Scott T Micek PharmD, and Marin H Kollef MD—St Louis, Missouri
  • Effect of Mask Dead Space and Occlusion of Mask Holes on Delivery of Nebulized Albuterol
    by Ariel Berlinski MD—Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Intermittent Aerosol Delivery to the Lungs During High-Flow Nasal Cannula Therapy
    by Laleh Golshahi PhD, P Worth Longest PhD, Mandana Azimi PharmD, Aamer Syed MD,
    and Michael Hindle PhD—Richmond, Virginia
  • In Vitro Evaluation of Aerosol Delivery by Different Nebulization Modes in Pediatric and Adult Mechanical Ventilators
    by Gwo-Hwa Wan PhD, Hui-Ling Lin MSc RRT RN FAARC—Taoyuan, Taiwan,
    James B Fink PhD RRT FAARC—Atlanta, Georgia,
    Yen-Hey Chen MSc—Taoyuan, Taiwan,
    Wei-Jhen Wang RRT, Yu-Chun Chiu RRT—Taipei, Taiwan,
    Yu-Yao Kao RRT, and Chia-Jung Liu—Taoyuan, Taiwan
  • Effect of Drug Targeting Nebulization on Lung Deposition: A Randomized Crossover Scintigraphic Comparison Between Central and Peripheral Delivery
    by Gregory Reychler PhD PT, Anne-Sophie Aubriot PT, Virginie Depoortere, François Jamar PhD MD,
    and Guiseppe Liistro PhD MD—Brussels, Belgium
  • Ventilator-Integrated Jet Nebulization Systems: Tidal Volume Control and Efficiency of Synchronization
    by Stephan Ehrmann MD PhD—Crétail, France,
    Aissam Lyazidi PhD—Genefa, Switzerland,
    Bruno Louis PhD, Daniel Isabey PhD—Crétail, France,
    Déborah Le Pennec—Tours, France,
    Laurent Brochard MD PhD, and Gabriela Apiou-Sbirlea PhD—Crétail, France
  • Inhaler Technique Training and Health-Care Professionals: Effective Long-Term Solution for a Current Problem
    by Iman A Basheti PhD, Eyad A Qunaibi PhD—Amman, Jordan,
    Salim A Hamadi PhD—Petra, Jordan,
    and Helen K Reddel PhD—Glebe, New South Wales, Australia

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