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01 Dec

December 2020 | Vol. 44, Issue 12

Kansas Educators Go Back to the Bedside; The Final Chapter Meets a New Beginning; Clinical Perspectives | Neonatal ETTs: How to Keep Them in & When to Take Them Out; Clinical Perspectives | Building Channels of Communication During Rounds; Chronic Disease Manager | COPD: A Disease by Assumption; General Counsel | Improve Knowledge, Improve Patient… Read more »

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28 Oct

November 2020 | Vol. 44, Issue 11

2020 Jimmy A. Young Medal | A Robust Career Set on Talent and Drive; Precious Cargo | Lake Charles RTs keep infants safe during Hurricane Laura; Clinical Perspectives | Is Your Post Accident Incident Plan Ready for Primetime?; Chronic Disease Manager | Cost Burden of COPD & Comorbidities; From the President’s Desk | Wherever life… Read more »

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01 Oct

October 2020 | Vol. 44, Issue 10

Ventilation for Life | Assessment and Treatment of Anxiety During Mechanical Ventilation; Chronic Disease Manager | The Role of Wearable Technology and Smart Phone Applications in COPD Management; Executive Office Update | Invaluable Role of Patient Education; The Making of a Virtual Conference; Following Protocol to Break Barriers; RC Currents; and Industry Watch.

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04 Sep

September 2020 | Vol. 44, Issue 9

New York, New York | Respiratory therapists are pandemic health care heroes!; RC Week 2020 | Respiratory Therapists — Together We Save Lives; Clinical Perspectives | Respiratory Therapists Play an Important Role in Tracheostomy Management; Ventilation for Life | Understanding Neurally Adjusted Ventilator Assist; Reflections | Ready to Retire; From the President’s Desk | Resilience,… Read more »

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29 Jul

August 2020 | Vol. 44, Issue 8

Meet the Candidates – Election 2021; Clinical Perspectives | Addressing the Problem of Frequent Readmission to Hospital for Asthma Patients; Trending | COVID-19 & Smoking/Vaping; Management | Leadership Lessons Learned During COVID-19; Reflections; General Counsel | Situational Awareness; Executive Office Update | We Will Never Forget Them; RC Currents; and Industry Watch

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30 Jun

July 2020 | Vol. 44, Issue 7

Interprofessional Collaboration; 32nd Annual AARC Zenith Awards; Management | Role of Respiratory Therapists in Quality Improvement; Management | Coding for Respiratory Care – The Good the Bad and the Ugly; Sleep Waves | Does Mask Selection Impact PAP Adherence?; Chronic Disease Manager | Teaching Strategies for Adult Learners; From the President’s Desk | Challenge Accepted!;… Read more »

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04 Jun

June 2020 | Vol. 44, Issue 6

AARC 2019 Annual Report; The Learning Lifestyle; We Are AARC; Chronic Disease Manager | Getting Patients Excited about Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Sleep Waves | Home Sleep Testing and What It Means for Patients; Ventilation for Life | Around the Clock Vigilance for Liberation; Reflections | My Degree Journey; Executive Office Update | Only Together Can We… Read more »

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13 May

May 2020 | Vol. 44, Issue 5

It’s Time for Journal Club; 40+ Years in the Halls of Congress and Beyond; Clinical Perspectives | A Patient’s Personal Experience with CF Medications; Chronic Disease Manager | Asthma, Air Pollution, and Your Patient’s Health; From the President’s Desk; General Counsel | War; RC Currents; Industry Watch

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20 Apr

April 2020 | Vol. 44, Issue 4

COVID-19: Respiratory Therapy Is Here; COVID-19: On the Front Lines in Omaha; The World Wide Response to COVID-19—International Medicine in Real Time; COVID-19: On the Front Lines in Chicago; COVID-19: On the Homefront; Share the Experiences: After End of the COVID-19 Mission; Ventilation for Life | ECMO: Be Sure as to “Why;” Executive Office Update… Read more »

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11 Mar

March 2020 | Vol. 44, Issue 3

EVALI: E-cigarette or Vaping Product Use-Associated Lung Injury; Vaping for Tobacco Cessation: What Does the Evidence Say?; Adolescent Nicotine Dependence; The Vaping Epidemic: A Respiratory Therapy Department’s Experience with Providing Education on Vaping; and Clinical Perspectives | Shifting Toward Nicotine Cessation.

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