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Airway management in the patient with tracheostomy spans the spectrum from intensive care to rehabilitation to home. It is important for clinicians to appreciate the nuances of care for patients with a tracheostomy. They must know when a tracheostomy is indicated, how to select the proper device, how to adequately humidify the inspired gas, how to manage the wound, and how to recognize when the tube can be removed (decannulation). This collection of papers published in Respiratory Care addresses these issues. Mastery of this information should improve the care of a patient with tracheostomy.


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  • Tracheostomy Tubes
    by Dean R Hess PhD RRT FAARC and Neila P Altobelli RRT—Boston, Massachusetts
  • Tracheostomy: Epidemiology, Indications, Timing, Technique, and Outcomes
    by Nora H Cheung MD and Lena M Napolitano MD—Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • A Novel, Simplified Ex Vivo Method for Measuring Water Exchange Performance of Heat and Moisture Exchangers for Tracheostomy Application
    by Cindy van den Boer MD, Sara H Muller PhD, Andrew D Vincent PhD, Klaus Züchner PhD, Michiel WM van den Brekel MD PhD, and Frans JM Hilgers MD PhD—Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • In Vitro Evaluation of Heat and Moisture Exchangers Designed for Spontaneously Breathing Tracheostomized Patients
    Francesco Corradi MD PhD—Parma, Italy,
    Maria Vargas MD, Margherita Bona MD, Federica Bruno MD, Maria Marsili MD, Francesca Simonassi MD, Gregorio Santori MD—Genova, Italy,
    Paolo Severgnini MD—Varese, Italy,
    Robert M Kacmarek PhD RRT FAARC—Boston, Massachusetts,
    and Paolo Pelosi MD—Genova, Italy
  • Humidification Performance of Humidifying Devices for Tracheostomized Patients With Spontaneous Breathing: A Bench Study
    by Yusuke Chikata, Jun Oto MD, Mutsuo Onodera MD, and Masaji Nishimura MD—Tokushima, Japan
  • Enhanced Tracheostomy Wound Healing Using Maltodextrin and Silver Alginate Compounds in Pediatrics: A Pilot Study
    by Larry D Hartzell MD, Tara N Havens, Brian H Odom MSPT CWS, Tanya G Stillman RN, Jessica L Boswell CRS, Charles M Bower MD, and Gresham T Richter MD—Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Tracheostomy Tube Change Before Day 7 Is Associated With Earlier Use of Speaking Valve and Earlier Oral Intake
    by Daniel F Fisher MSc RRT, Dhimiter Kondili, June Williams MSc SLP, Dean R Hess PhD RRT FAARC,
    Edward A Bittner MD PhD, and Ulrich H Schmidt MD PhD—Boston, Massachusetts

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