Best of Airway Management – Clinical 2015

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Management of the artificial airway including secretion removal is a core skill of the respiratory therapist. The implementation of the AARC CPG has been shown to reduce complications and choice of suction catheter size remains important. Biofilm accumulation on the artificial airway is a key step in the development of pneumonia and prevention or removal is a new area of interest. As airway management continues to be a core competency of the profession, RESPIRATORY CARE receives and publishes numerous manuscripts each year on this important topic. This e-book in the Best of RESPIRATORY CARE series contains the Top 7 must-read manuscript selections related to clinical research for airway management.

  • Management of the Artificial Airway
    by Richard D Branson MSc RRT FAARC, Dina Gomaa RRT, and Dario Rodriquez Jr MSc RRT FAARC—Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Decreasing the Adverse Effects of Endotracheal Suctioning During Mechanical Ventilation by Changing Practice
    by Salvatore Maurizio Maggiore MD PhD—Rome, Italy,
    François Lellouche MD, Claudia Pignataro MD, Emmanuelle Girou PharmD, Bernard Maitre MD,
    Jean-Christophe M Richard MD PhD, François Lemaire MD, Christian Brun-Buisson MD,
    and Laurent Brochard MD—Crétail, France
  • Comparison of the Feasibility and Safety of Nasotracheal Suctioning With Curved Edge Catheter Versus Conventional Suction Catheter in Critically Ill Subjects: A Prospective Randomized Crossover Trial
    by Konstantinos Grigoriadis PT, Dimitrios C Angouras MD, Aikaterini Flevari MD, and
    Theodoros Xathos MD—Athens, Greece
  • Suction Catheter Size: An Assessment and Comparison of 3 Different Calculation Methods
    by Christopher J Russian MEd RRT-NPS RPSGT RST, Joshua F Gonzales MHA RRT-NPS RRT-SDS,
    and Nicholas R Henry MSC RRT-NPS AE-C—San Marcos, Texas
  • Lung Volume Changes During Cleaning of Closed Endotracheal Suction Catheters: A Randomized Crossover Study Using Electrical Impedance Tomography
    by Amanda Corley RN, Nicola Sharpe RN, Lawrence R Caruana, Amy J Spooner RN, and John F Fraser MB ChB PhD—Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Description and Microbiology of Endotracheal Tube Biofilm in Mechanically Ventilated Subjects
    by Pierre-Eric Danin MD, Emmanuelle Girou PharmD, Patrick Legrand MD, Bruno Louis PhD, Redouane Fodil PhD, Christo Christov MD, Jérôme Devaquet MD, Daniel Isabey PhD—Crétail, France,
    and Laurent Brochard MD—Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Endotracheal Suctioning of Mechanically Ventilated Patients With Artificial Airways 2010
    by Daedalus Enterprises

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