Neonatal-Pediatric Specialist Course

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About AARC’s Neonatal-Pediatric Specialist Course

AARC’s Neonatal-Pediatric Specialist course is a comprehensive educational activity developed to enhance the critical skills necessary for respiratory therapists who work in both neonatal and pediatric acute care environments. This course addresses assessment strategies, diagnostic options, and treatment modalities for your tiniest patients. This course is an excellent course to assist those respiratory therapists preparing to challenge the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) Neonatal-Pediatric Specialist examination.

In addition to preparing the respiratory therapist for the NBRC NPS examination, this course is an excellent tool for those who are new to neonatal and pediatric acute care as well as those looking to refresh their neonatal-pediatric respiratory care knowledge. With content geared toward respiratory critical care, general critical care, emergency interventions, and discharge planning, this course is a comprehensive orientation to the respiratory therapist’s role in caring for neonatal and pediatric patients.

CRCE: 20.0 hours | Cost: $225 members/$299 for non-members

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