Volunteer Opportunities for Respiratory Therapists

Reaching Out Pays Off

Sometimes the best way to help your career is to help others, and that is certainly true in a profession like respiratory care where “service to others” rules the day. By becoming a community advocate for respiratory care, you’ll gather more contacts for your professional network and gain a greater presence among local health officials and your own hospital leadership alike. All that translates to more career power for you, because people who are known for going the extra mile for others are more likely to be tapped for leadership opportunities where going the extra mile is the norm.

The AARC has a number of ready-made volunteer opportunities that you can chose from to step out and make a difference:

High School Career Project: Respiratory care is a wonderful career, but many young people still don’t know it exists. Our model presentation, slide show, and planning guide make it easy for you to go into your local high schools and educate kids about the future that could await them in our profession.

National Respiratory Care Week: The last full week in October is our time to shine, and there is no better way to highlight respiratory care than by sharing your lung health expertise with your community. Every year your colleagues do just that, either through one of the AARC volunteer opportunities outlined on this page, or by coming up with an event of their own designed to meet a particular need.

Heading to the New Era

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