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 Published: August 30, 2022

By: Addie Schiefer


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Congress 2022 is set to take place Nov. 9-12 in New Orleans, LA. AARC Congress is a spectacular networking and educational event for respiratory therapists from around the world, offering cutting-edge lectures by the top leaders in the industry. Congress gives you the valuable resources you need to push forward in your career.

Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing to receive the best possible rate on this year’s registration! This rate won’t last long and will end on Sept. 14.

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Here’s just a small portion of what you can expect this year:

Day – 1 

4+ CRCE Available

Day 1 kicks off with the annual Awards Ceremony, hosted by AARC Executive Director Daniel Garrett. Next, Wes Ely, our opening keynote speaker, will discuss the ICU perspective on rebuilding after COVID-19. AARC President Sheri Tooley with AARC President-Elect Carl Hinkson will lead the ribbon cutting to open the Exhibit Hall. A special 75th presentation on ventilation history will also take place after the ribbon cutting. The day will continue with sessions and Open Forum presentations. Day 1 also includes the symposiums that discuss Diagnostics, Leadership and Management, Adult Acute Care, and Pulmonary Function. Day 1 will close with a Welcome Party.

Day – 2

5+ CRCE Available

Day 2 begins with Open Forum sessions and then continues with a variety of program sessions throughout the day. Day 2 also includes symposiums that explore Leadership and Management, Neonatal/Pediatrics, Adult Acute Care, and Education topics. The afternoon will include the 10th Thomas L Petty Memorial Lecture, where Dean Hess will explore the respiratory management of COPD exacerbations. Education, Adult Acute Care, Leadership and Management, and Transport will each hold their section meetings on Day 2.

Day – 3

4+ CRCE Available

Day 3 will kick off with the annual Flag Folding Ceremony. Next, we’ll have the Open Forum Editor’s Choice session. The day will continue with a packed variety of program sessions and additional Open Forum sessions. Symposiums today will cover Ambulatory & Post-Acute Care, Pulmonary Function, and Diagnostics topics. Day 3 will also include the annual Symposium for New Professionals, a perfect opportunity for our student attendees. Robert Chatburn will deliver the 2nd Robert M. Kacmarek Scientific Memorial Lecture, where he will explore the complexities of mechanical ventilation. Ambulatory & Post-Acute Care, Diagnostics, Sleep, and Neonatal/Pediatrics will each hold their section meetings on Day 3. Be sure not to miss the Booth Prize Drawing at the AARC Booth at 12:30 p.m. Central. Day 3 will close with a special 75th anniversary celebration.

Day – 4

3+ CRCE Available

Day 4 closes out Congress with another packed day of program sessions to include the annual Journal Symposium. Jie Li will deliver the 38th Phil Kittredge Memorial Lecture, discussing flipping the script on prone position. And finally, the event will wrap up with Kathy Rye, our closing keynote speaker, who will challenge RTs to stand together in moving the profession forward in an environment forever changed by the pandemic.

Check Out the Full Congress Schedule

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