AARC Election 2022 — Michelle Donahoo

Michelle Donahoo

Neonatal-Pediatric Section Chair

Michelle Donahoo

Neo/Peds Respiratory Care Practitioner II
Sutter Roseville Medical Center
Member Since: 2001

AARC Activities:

  • Neonatal Pediatrics Membership
  • Transport Membership

Related Organizations:

  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program Instructor 2005-current
  • S.T.A.B.L.E. Program Support Instructor 2006 – 2019
  • S.T.A.B.L.E. Program Lead Instructor 2019-current


  • RRT, Modesto Jr College 2000
  • NPS, 2005

Elections Committee Questions:

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the AARC and what do you recommend to address it?

I think advocating for the respiratory profession to receive the respect we deserve is very important. Advocating for awareness, respecting the role that respiratory provides in multi-disciplinary care and offering continued education in our profession is important. AARC has done a great job during the Pandemic to highlight our profession, but I think continuing to be involved will be important. Finding innovative ways to celebrate respiratory.

Healthcare is changing more rapidly than ever. What do you feel is the main issue Respiratory Care Practitioners are facing, and what are the key solutions that you feel should be addressed to support our profession?

I feel the main issue that RCPs are facing is support. On a higher level, RCPs feel that they are not supported by their state organization with some states having really high renewal fees. On a more day to day level, support from their leadership team is lacking in some organizations. With the common theme of RCPs feeling over worked and underappreciated. It is a lot of work to change a culture. I feel that continued support, communication and awareness of roles is important. I find being a leader and now going into a staff position that most RCPs do not know what their leadership does daily. They do not understand the true fight that some leaders go through to support them. If they were aware, they would respect them more. With respect comes trust, trust breeds happiness.

Role-Specific Questions:

Value of section membership is important. If given the opportunity to represent, what would be some steps you would take to continue to increase the value of section membership and gain further engagement of section members?

I think that the section membership does best with active involvement. I would continue to respond and support members of the group. Communication and being open to hearing what others think is invaluable. To improve it is about having someone who is willing to put in the work. I am willing to do this valuable work!

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