State Society Leadership Tutorials

For many years, the AARC has had a workshop that brings together leadership from the state societies to learn about aspects of managing their organizations and learning more about the programs and projects of the AARC. For 2015, we are electing to provide you with online tutorials that many individuals in your state society can watch and learn from. Please let us know if there are topics or programming that will help you better meet the needs of your affiliate members.

2015 Vision and Goals

Please watch this video of President Frank Salvatore, as he describes his goals for the coming year at the annual business meeting of the AARC in December 2014.

Managing Your State Society

These presentations provide you with tips and information on effective management of the processes and tasks you will encounter as a state society president.

Financial Affairs

Each state must file taxes each year on a form 990. Please watch AARC Controller Tony Lovio as he review some important aspects of your financial health.

Government Affairs

Cheryl West describes some of the best practices you should follow when establishing a government affairs program in your state society, including development of your committee.

Meeting Management

Doug Laher discusses contract negotiations and getting the best deal for your meetings. Your meeting is likely to be the biggest expense (and revenue) feature of your state society. Use these tips so you don’t get stuck with outlandish attrition clauses, food and beverage invoices and that you get what you expect.

Top Ten Tasks

Sherry Milligan reviews reporting requirements to the AARC, accessing your state list, and a list of top 10 questions you’re likely to ask.

Some of the key resources talked about in this video:

AARC Updates

These presentations will provide updates on AARC projects and activities that you should be aware of.

AARC Update

Tom Kallstrom provides an update of the activities of the AARC in the first quarter of 2015.

Education Update

Shawna Strickland updates you on the new services and programs in the Education Department of the AARC.

Key resources:

Heading to the New Era

Elevate | Engage | Advocate | Educate