AARC Supports Transparency on Out-of-Pocket Medication Costs

 Published: July 1, 2015

By: AARC Staff

The AARC has joined 102 fellow organizations in urging CMS to include accurate drug-specific out-of-pocket medication costs in the proposed OOP cost estimator under development for the federally facilitated insurance marketplace for the 2016 enrollment period.

out-of-pocket medication costsAARC signs onto letter for transparency in out-of-pocket medication costs.

An accurate estimate of OOP costs is essential to respiratory patients who want to purchase insurance through the marketplace but rely on expensive respiratory medications to treat their conditions. Without an accurate estimate of the OOP costs they’ll incur for the medications they take, these patients will be forced to choose a plan based on premium costs only, and that could hurt them in the long run if the OOP costs for their meds are too high.

“For patients to adequately compare costs for available exchange plans, they need access to a tool that assists in the calculation of all expected out-of-pocket costs, including medications, across an entire plan year,” concludes the letter.

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