What Would Dr. Tom Think of COPD Today?

 Published: August 5, 2020

By: Addie Schiefer



This episode of the Current Topics in Respiratory Care video series features Barry J. Make, MD, presenting “What Would Dr. Tom Think of COPD Today?”

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Early in his career, Dr. Petty investigated the pathology of emphysema and airway disease in cigarette smokers. Later in his career, he was a proponent of the definition of COPD that incorporates airflow obstruction on spirometry and deemphasized emphysema and chronic bronchitis. This session will present the most recent information on the myriad effects of cigarette smoking including those not associated with airflow obstruction. The latest understanding of the effects of cigarette smoking is leading to the deconstruction of the current definition of COPD.

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Addie Schiefer

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