3 Questions to Ask Your Mentor

 Published: December 18, 2019

By: Heather Willden


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Mentorship opportunities—whether you’re the mentor or mentee—offer great opportunities to foster professional growth and networking. But how do you get to that point?

We checked in with Diana Livingston, BA, RRT, from the San Juan Regional Medical Center in Farmington, NM, to learn what three questions you should ask your mentor—

#1 – What books would you recommend which could enrich my career and knowledge in being a sound and trusted leader?

I believe this is an important question from a mentee.

We, as leaders, are observed and influence many by our approach in communication, leadership style, how we are successful with our objectives and goals, in what manner we choose to motivate groups or individuals, the list could go on. If there is indeed a favorite book which influenced the mentor, it could also guide the mentee with other views on leadership, values, and concepts to live by as well as experiment with.

#2 – How do you stay organized as a leader?

This is important. Organization is perhaps one of the most important tactics with being successful as a leader and, at the same time, keeping a work-life balance. Leaders are required to address or deal with deadlines, conflict, demands, employee issues, policies and procedures, meetings, more meetings, aligning team goals with corporate goals…another long list.

Passion and/or frustration could be revealed. Nonetheless, the mentee could learn a few fundamentals on what they might choose to practice or watch for when starting out as a leader.

#3 – What traits do you find to be imperative for a leader?

Sometimes, we have an idea of what a great leader is and how wonderful we are going to be and how we are going to do things differently than our current or past leader! There are always surprises here.

One thing for sure, what I suspect would come from this question, is “What is your intent as a leader? …what is in your heart? …what is right? …integrity… being a good listener… trust… where are you at with emotional intelligence… maturity?”

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Heather Willden

Heather Willden is the Director of Governance and Strategic Initiatives for the AARC where she works with state affiliates as the HOD liaison. She also manages DEI efforts and strategic initiatives. Connect with her about these topics by email, AARConnect or LinkedIn. When she's not working, you can find her podcasting with her husband, exploring new hiking trails, photographing, and spending time with her family.

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