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 Published: July 6, 2015

By: AARC Staff



When the nation’s first Ebola patient walked into a hospital in Dallas, TX, last fall, respiratory therapists wanted specific information on how to protect themselves from this deadly disease while still providing care to any patients who might come their way.

The AARC got right on that, developing a compendium of just in time resources spelling out how to correctly go about caring for patients in this difficult clinical scenario.

But that’s just one high profile example of how we support your clinical needs. Over the years we’ve developed a range of Clinical Resources members can use to deliver state-of-the-art care.

Chief among them: the AARC Clinical Practice Guidelines. Developed by experts in the profession and vetted via a consensus process involving respiratory therapists from across the country and around the world, these guidelines form the basis for the development of patient driven protocols delivered by RTs.

What else will you find on the page? Take a look at these clinical resources for RTs —

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