Message From the Executive Director: Thanks for the Warm Welcome

 Published: May 17, 2022


message from the executive director daniel d. garrett, cae

Dear AARC,

Greetings! I’ve been part of the great AARC community for a few weeks, and I continue to receive warm welcomes from everyone during my “listening tour.” Thank you!

Speaking of warm, I moved down to Dallas from Chicago, and I believe this is probably the hottest May I have ever had. Or so it feels like it! Nonetheless, my dog Oliver and I are enjoying our new surroundings and look forward to calling this home. Dallas has a lot to offer and I have already enjoyed riding the Katy Trail on my road bike.

During these past few weeks, I’ve met with the entire AARC team, learning how each staff member works to support the organization and the RT profession. I am honored to be a part of this dedicated team. I also continue to reach out to our important allied health partners and other key organizations to introduce myself and to better understand these important collaborators.

In addition to learning about the organization and its operations, one of my first big projects is participation in the strategic planning process. This kicks off May 19 and is designed to help refocus and strategize vision and direction for the AARC. We want to bring you the best in benefits, resources, tools, and support. Helping members is the foundation of the AARC. You are why we are here. And we are here to help.

Stay tuned for details about the strategic planning process and how it will impact the association.

We have some open positions to fill to bring our AARC family back to full capacity. So, be on the lookout for job postings and possible new faces in the coming months.

And finally, Summer Forum 2022 is currently open for registration. This is a great program for anyone interested in refining their leadership skills. We’ll be in Palm Springs, CA this year (July 26-28) and I’d love to see you out there and get a chance to meet you.

I want to close with one additional thank you. Thank you to our respiratory therapists everywhere. The more I learn about the profession and all you do—particularly your critical role in the pandemic—I am in awe and continually inspired. The art and science of your specialty is impressive, and you are quite simply amazing.

All the best,


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