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Do Be Like Joe…Invested

Joe Goss of New Jersey has been invested in this profession for years. As a long-time Political Advocacy Contact Team member, he is making a difference by promoting this profession to Washington decision-makers. He understands how collectively we stand together and make change happen through a larger voice.

Joe lives what he believes makes a good respiratory therapist:

“A good therapist is one who recognizes we need to work together—whether our goal is improving ourselves, a department, or the profession. Together we can count as one.”

Image of Charlie Friderici

Do Be Like Charlie…Extending His Reach

Even though Charlie doesn’t work in a traditional role for respiratory therapists, he still identifies himself as one and he still keeps his membership in the AARC, lending his acquired expertise to others interested in disaster planning. His job as an emergency management specialist helps with planning and allocation of resources in disaster and emergency situations.

He credits his background as a respiratory therapist for helping his success today:

“My training and experience at the bedside helps me to understand and advocate for those patients with special needs, especially pulmonary patients.”

His tip for getting the most out of AARC membership:

“My tip is “Get Active”. Use and contribute to AARConnect; get on a committee whether locally or nationally; offer to be a reviewer—these are just a few of the actions any member can take to be a contributing member of AARC.”

Image of Carolyn Williams

Do Be Like Carolyn…An Über-Volunteer

What does that mean? It means any time the AARC has a need for volunteer labor in her part of the world, Carolyn steps up to the plate. Mentoring students to advocate on Capitol Hill, serving as the respiratory therapy rep at the National Student Science Fair, or helping with a COPD education event, Carolyn is always at the ready to represent the respiratory therapist.

“AARC membership allows you promote your profession using the skills and talent that you have learned along the way. Everyone has something to offer to the profession and AARC encourages you to share it.”

Image of Sherry Whiteman

Do Be Like Sherry…Making Things Happen

The annual Sputum Bowl requires a lot of people-power. Sherry is one of many who makes sure all of the little details get taken care of so that teams from around the country can participate at home and then have a fabulous experience when they get to the AARC national meeting. Things like this just wouldn’t happen without members like Sherry and so many others who get things done for the organization. It what it means to be: “I Am AARC.”

What does she get out of her involvement?

“I love working with the AARC to plan and host the National Sputum Bowl Competition. You won’t meet a more dedicated group of individuals looking to advance the profession and meet the needs of respiratory therapists across the nation. Through the National Sputum Bowl, I have been able to focus my energy on a personal passion and share my love for the game with others. The AARC has given me a unique opportunity to grow and learn, and I look forward to continuing to work with the AARC in the future.”

Image of Brady Scott

Do Be Like Brady…Sharing Your Knowledge

Brady is using his passion for the clinical and research aspects of this profession and sharing with others. As a presenter at AARC Congress, author of papers in Respiratory Care, faculty at our ACCS course, Brady has found his niche as a clinician and technical expert.

Here’s what Brady says makes a good RT:

“I believe good RTs are folks that constantly strive to achieve their personal best so they can provide quality, compassionate respiratory care. Good RTs embrace the tremendous responsibility of caring for another human being at his or her most vulnerable.”

Image of Helen Sorenson

Do Be Like Helen…Continuing Your Involvement

Even in retirement, Helen is continuing her involvement with the AARC and is proud of her respiratory therapy heritage. Helen lends her expertise to the free webcasts we present to our members and serves as chair of the Roundtable on Palliative Care.

Here’s her advice for respiratory therapists:

“Get involved in local, state and national professional organizations (and encourage others to join you). Attend an AARC Congress (submit a program proposal or an abstract)…nothing ventured, nothing gained! Join the AARC conversations (Sections, Roundtables). Take advantage of AARC Educational offerings…these CRCEs are valuable and applicable to your profession!”

Image of Kevin McQueen

Do Be Like Kevin…Making Patients a Priority

Kevin, like all respiratory therapists, focuses his career on the patient. And now, as director of patient safety at Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside, CA, he has an even bigger role to play in keeping patients safe. Taking it a step further, Kevin has volunteered his time to be a co-chair of our Roundtable on patient safety.

Here’s what Kevin thinks makes a good respiratory therapist:

“I believe that a good respiratory therapist is an individual that never gives up their desire to grow both professionally and as a care provider. Educational advancement is essential to being a good therapist, as we must continue to learn evidence-based practices and improvements in how we treat our patients.”

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