AARC Election 2024 — Teresa “Teri” Miller


Teresa “Teri” Miller

Chair, Department of Respiratory Therapy
Middle Georgia State University
Member Since: 1989

AARC Activities:

  • Positions:
    • November 2022-Present- AARC Vice President of Internal Affairs, AARC Board of Directors
    • November 2022- Present- AARC Vice President, Daedalus Board of Directors (also 2019-2020 Daedalus Board as HOD Speaker)
    • December 2020-November 2022- AARC Board of Directors Immediate Past Speaker
  • Committee Chair
    • 2022- Present- AARC Workforce Recovery Taskforce (Chair)
    • 2017-2019- AARC Audit Subcommittee (Chair)
  • Committee Member
    • 2022-Present- AARC Executive Committee
    • 2022- Present- AARC Membership Advisory Committee
    • 2022- Present- Compact Licensure Taskforce
    • 2022- Present- APEX Award Committee
    • 2017-2019 & 2020-2022- AARC Strategic Planning Committee
    • 2017-2019; 2022- Present- AARC Finance Committee
    • 2020- Present- AARC Policy Review Taskforce
    • 2016- Present AARC Political Action Committee (Not PACT)
  • Appointments:
    • 2022-Present- AARC Safe & Effective Staffing Guide Expert Panel Workgroup
    • 2021-Present- AARC Leadership Grand Rounds Steering Group
    • 2023- AARC Emerging Leaders Workgroup
    • 2021-2022 AARC Special Executive Director Search Committee
    • 2015-Research Strategic Planning Group
    • 2020-BOD Breakout Group for Communications & Marketing
    • AARC Speakers Council (Past HOD Speakers)
  • Section Membership:
    • Education Section -unknown
    • Leadership and Management Section 2020
  • 2021- Received Fellowship in the AARC (FAARC)

House of Delegates Activities:

  • Delegate Position:
    • Delegate 2008-2016 Georgia Society for Respiratory Care
  • HOD officer Positions:
    • HOD Immediate Past Speaker 2020-2022
    • HOD Speaker 2018-2020
    • HOD Speaker-elect 2016-2018
    • HOD Secretary 2012, 2014
  • Chair Positions
    • HOD Policy and Delegate Guide Committee- Chair 2013
    • HOD Affiliate Best Practices Committee- Chair 2009-2013
  • Committees
    • Ex officio all committees 2016-2022
    • Credentialing Committee 2021/2022
    • Scrutinizing Committee ? 2014
    • Special Recognition Committee
  • 2016-Received the Jerry Bridgers Delegate of the Year Award

Affiliate Activities:

  • Officer Positions:
    • President 2004 (President-elect- 2003/Past President- 2005) -Georgia Society for Respiratory Care
    • Delegate- Georgia Society for Respiratory Care- 2008-2016
    • Vice-President- 2002-Georgia Society for Respiratory Care
    • South Region Representative- 2000-2002- Georgia Society for Respiratory Care
    • Board of Directors, Georgia Society for Respiratory Care 2000-2007 & 2008-2016
  • Committee Chairs
    • Strategic Planning Committee- Chair- 2010-2013
    • Publications Committee- Chair-2004-2010
    • Bylaws Committee- Chair-2003
    • PACT Leader- 2000-2005
  • Committee Membership
    • Executive Committee (2003-2006)
    • Program and Education Committee- 2004-2010
    • Finance Committee (2003-2010)
    • Ad hoc Committee for Website Development (2003-2005)
    • GSRC Student Camp Planning Committee (2002-2006)
    • Legislative Committee (2000-2005)
  • Special Representative/Other:
    • GSRC Magazine Editor- (?) 2005-2010
  • 2001 & 2003- Received GSRC President’s Award
  • 2006 & 2012- Received GSRC Mort Duggan Outstanding Service Award

Related Organizations:

  • Member:
    • Middle Georgia State University Alumni Board- 2018-2022 – Currently Secretary
    • Georgia Society for Respiratory Care- member 1989
    • CoBGRTE – member 2015


  • BS Respiratory Therapy- The Medical College of Georgia (now Augusta University) 1990
  • MEd Instructional Technology, Georgia College, and State University
  • Current Doctoral program Educational Leadership- Valdosta State University


  • 2019- The Impact of High Fidelity Simulation on Student Performance on the National Board Exams in Respiratory Therapy- Respiratory Care Forum (J. Brown, A. Ari, J. Trimboli, T. Miller)
  • Dec. 2021-AARC Newsroom- Featured in: “Adding a Neonatal Track to Your Curriculum”- MGA’s program profiled: https://www.aarc.org/an21-adding-a-neonatal-track-to-your-curriculum/

Elections Committee Questions:

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the profession of respiratory care, and what do you recommend the ARC do to address it?

I believe our greatest challenge is professional recognition and identity. The world needs to know who we are. We must leverage our resources and connections to demonstrate our value and achieve goals such as reimbursement for skilled services, professional advancement and the thrill of hearing kids say they want to grow up to be respiratory therapists. To achieve this, we must strategically unite and collaborate, listening to the needs of all RTs and our stakeholders and inviting them to join us. We must then take action to grow. Our chartered affiliates are some of our strongest resources and alignment with them is essential. We must harness the power of our evidence, expanding and promoting it while using our resources to share the story of the RT to recruit the best into our profession. Finally, we must instill professional pride in new RTs and inspire them. Through a clear, strong, united voice and vision we can achieve the recognition we need and deserve for our patients.

Healthcare is changing more rapidly than ever. What ideas do you have to help today’s respiratory therapist meet these changes?

Where there is change, there is opportunity and we must grasp it. First, we must grow our numbers and stabilize our workforce. We must also demonstrate the value of the RT to those who employ and govern. We need to arm all RTs, and especially RT leaders, with the resources they need to fight each day to grow our profession both in numbers and in scope. We need to ask and listen to the needs of RTs and be responsive to help them meet their challenges. The pandemic showed us the importance of community and we need to continue to develop a more robust, inclusive, and collaborative RT community– one that is welcoming and essential to them to be a part of. We must clearly forge a path for advanced practice and look for growth opportunities at all levels. Finally, we need to strategically develop and support our future researchers and educators who will be essential in our progress as a profession. Together we must share a positive message for RTs, empower them and fight for what we want.

Role-Specific Questions:

Two of our greatest ongoing concerns are promoting the profession and increasing membership. What are your solutions to address these needs?

I believe positive change happens when we identify our goals, develop a strong plan to achieve them and inspire others to join us toward that shared future. I firmly believe the AARC has a strong mission, vision and strategic plan in place to address our most pressing issues. What we need now is to align “troops” to work together to achieve those goals. We have an awesome executive office team, but they need each of us to engage at home. We must communicate clearly, regularly, and effectively to assure our members, stakeholders, and communities know what needs to be done and are empowered to take action. We must welcome others to be a part of the team and celebrate our successes along the way. RTs are out there everyday doing some of the best and hardest work– we need to recognize that, profile that, and grow a culture that draws others to us, from the middle school teen who is looking toward a future to the legislator who wants to make a difference for all. We can do it– together!

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