AARC Election 2021 — Steven Sittig

Steven Sittig

Secretary Treasurer

Steven Sittig

Hill Rom
Clinical Contract Trainer
Member Since: 1989

AARC Activities:

  • Airline Oxygen Safety Committee 2019–ongoing
  • AARC BOD 2016–2019
  • AARC Neonatal Pediatric Section Chair 2016–2019
  • AARC Section Chair Surface and Air Transport 2002–2006, 2008–2012
  • Co-chair AARC Patient Safety Round table 2013–2018
  • Chair of Human Resources Committee on AARC Disaster Planning Ventilator Acquisition Project. 2007
  • Chair, AARC Round table on Disaster Response 2005–2012
  • Transport Specialty Practitioner of the Year 2001
  • Editor, AARC Specialty Section Newsletter Surface and Air Medical Transport. 2000–2015
  • Member Neonatal Pediatrics Specialty Section 1989–Present
  • Member Surface and Air Transport Section 1989–Present

Affiliate Activities:

  • RCP of the Year, MN Society for Respiratory Care, 2014
  • Vice President of Minnesota Society for Respiratory Care 2008–2010
  • Chair Minnesota Society for Respiratory Care Budget Committee 2008–2010
  • Minnesota Society for Respiratory Care Board of Directors 2006–2007
  • Co-chair Minnesota Society for Respiratory Care Disaster Response Committee 2007–2013
  • Member Minnesota Society for Respiratory Care 1992–2014
  • South Dakota Society for Respiratory Care 2014–present

Related Organizations:

  • AARC representative Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services 2007-present
  • Secretary of Executive Committee Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services 2014-present
  • Commission of Accreditation of Medical Transport Services Standards Development Committee 2018 -present


  • Associate of Science Respiratory Therapy Dakota State University 1986
  • RRT 1988
  • RRT-NPS 1991


  • Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care, 4th Edition Chapter 45 Medical Transport of Infants and Children. Saunders/ Elsevier St Louis Mo. 2014
  • Mosby’s Respiratory Care Equipment – 9th edition JM Cario Editor Chapter 16 Transport, Home and Noninvasive devices C.V. Mosby Co. Philadelphia PA 2013
  • Davis MD, Walsh BK, Sittig SE, Restrepo RD. AARC Clinical Practice Guideline Blood Gas Analysis and Hemoximetry Respir Care, 2013 58:10 1694-1703
  • Mosby’s Respiratory Care Equipment – 8th edition JM Cario S Pillbeam editors Chapter 16 Transport, Home and Non-invasive devices C.V. Mosby Co. Philadelphia PA 2009

Elections Committee Questions:

Within your role, and if given the opportunity, how would you incorporate and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion to uphold, update, and uplift the AARC as an organization, all AARC affiliates, and all AARC members?

As a prospective member of the AARC BOD, given this opportunity, I would work diligently to be a proponent to see these constructs be daily practice at all levels of the AARC. Diversity, equity and inclusion needs to be incorporated with in any organization. While diversity focuses primarily on the demographic makeup of a group or organization, inclusion emphasizes encouraging participation and moving beyond merely appreciating the concept of diversity. Most often members of an organization leave when they may feel that their membership and uniqueness is not appreciated or valued. Therefore, it is vital to create an environment where theses members feel a sense of valued membership to the association and its people. I know this goal of diversity, equity and inclusion is an important ongoing task. The AARC is working hard to incorporate these social constructs. If asked, I would gladly serve on any committee designated to further diversity, equity and inclusion to the association.

What ideas would you present to increase AARC membership?

A vibrant membership is imperative to an organization’s success. Increasing membership to any organization is an ongoing process. A previous important question asks about the need for inclusion in an association. Inclusion is especially important for associations such as the AARC because members are unified by similar values and a strong desire to accomplish something they cannot do alone. One potential solution is trying have top-level organizers or members of the association such as state society leadership meet or contact new members especially during their first year. It may be especially helpful to show all new member that the AARC has an interest in its individual members to be an integral part of the association. Potentially include a complete list of leadership contacts so that the new or renewal member can reach out to anyone at any time. Stress to new and renewing member why their participation is so important in moving the AARC forward.

Role-Specific Questions:

Promoting the profession is considered one of the greatest opportunities, what are your ideas to help realize this opportunity?

Drafting this response during the current Covid-19 pandemic actually presents the a timely opportunity for to the profession to promote itself. Everyday the media reports the need for massive amounts of ventilators in ICU’s across the country due to the pandemic. The AARC has well recognized experts and executive office staff able to educate the public and media about our profession. As national and local media cover this urgent call for ventilators, we as a profession should be touting the importance of the management of mechanical ventilation by highly skilled respiratory therapists. The national emergency can move the profession beyond the typical public perception that respiratory therapists just give breathing treatments. With the high prevalence of respiratory complications from Covid-19, we as a profession can make a significant difference in survival. A story than needs to be told promoting the profession forward during this crisis.

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