AARC Election 2020 — Sheri Tooley

Sheri Tooley

President Elect


Supervisor, Respiratory Therapy Education
Rochester Regional Health
Member Since: 1982

AARC Activities:

  • AARC BOD VP External Affairs 2017–present
  • AARC BOD Director at Large 2012–2015
  • AARC Membership Committee 2012–present
  • Board Liaison Simulation Roundtable 2014–2015
  • Member Virtual Museum Committee 2013–2014
  • Member Management Section 2004–present
  • Member Neonatal/Pediatric Section 2004–present
  • Member Education Section 2010–present
  • Member Diagnostic Section 2013–2015
  • Member Sleep Section 2002–2013
  • Sleep Section Chair 2009

HOD Activities:

  • Secretary 2010 & 2011
  • NYSSRC Delegate 2004–2012, 2016
  • Co-Chair AdHoc committee on student engagement — 2008–2009
  • Chair Special Recognition committee 2007,2008, 2009
  • Member Special Recognition Committee 2005, 2006
  • Member Orientation Committee 2009, 2010, 2011

Affiliate Activities:

  • NYSSRC State Presidential track 2000–2006
  • NYSSRC VP 1998–2000
  • Government Affairs Chair NYSSRC 2006–present
  • NYSSRC PACT co-chair 2006–present
  • NYSSRC Symposium Committee 2000–present
  • NYSSRC Central Chapter Director 1986–1994
  • NYSSRC Central chapter Presidential track 1992–1998
  • NYSSRC Homecare and Rehab Chair 2006–2010
  • NYSSRC Public Affairs Committee 2006–2010

Related Organizations:

  • PALS & NRP Instructor.
  • Advisory Committee RC Chair Genesee Community College 2014–present
  • Advisory Committee Member RC Upstate University Medical Center 2007–present
  • Volunteer Chair CF Foundation of NNY 1988–2006


  • MSRT Canisius College anticipated graduation 8/2019
  • BSRT Upstate Medical University, 2007
  • AAS Respiratory Care, Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY 1987
  • Certificate Respiratory Care, Onondaga Community College 1983
  • RRT June 1988
  • RRT-NPS March 1991, CPFT June 1990, AE-C recert June 2014


  • Complex Sleep disordered Breathing, Author, AARC Times 2/2010
  • Identifying the Patient With Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Author, AARC Times,
  • Do Unconventional Sleep Therapies Work, Author, AARC Times 1/2012
  • The Correlation Between Pediatric and Sleep Apnea Co-Morbidities, Author, AARC Times 4/2013

Elections Committee Questions:

What experience or significant contributions do you have to offer the AARC which would help accomplish one or more of the AARC Horizon Goals as presented by President Schell?

#1 Advocacy I continue to serve as the Co-Chair of the Government Affairs Committee in NY because of my 25 years of experience with NY legislation and then the AARC PACT. In this time I navigated our therapists, sleep techs, and legislators through difficult negotiations that ultimately lead to sleep as a carve-out within the RT licensure law.

#3 Education/Professional Development Student Mentoring has been a lifelong passion. I developed an essay contest for students enrolled in NYS CoARC approved schools to participate in the PACT meeting and HOD at Congress. As NYSSRC President a goal was for a member of the board to visit every RT school.

#5 Membership I have served on the AARC and NYSSRC Membership Committee for many years. In NY we developed significant materials and attend (still today) all state meetings to recruit new members and remind current members of the benefits of membership and more importantly educate them on why it is so important for OUR chosen profession.

What ideas would you present to increase AARC membership?

I would assemble a committee consisting of 3 groups. Each group would have a facilitator that was prepared with pre-written questions to discuss what those individuals believe are the obstacles and barriers to membership within their demographics.

The first group would consist of at least 2 members of each generational group.

The second group would consist of members from urban/large city metropolitan areas and members of rural areas.

The third group would consist of members from the cultural diversity group.

Once they have met and the work/suggestions summarized it could be publicized for comment.

Role-Specific Questions:

What experience can you leverage as AARC President to continue the work of your predecessors and gain momentum for the benefit of the profession?

In my respiratory therapy career, I have worked in many care settings, both inpatient and outpatient. My specialties include Pediatrics/Neonatology, Adult Critical Care, Diagnostics, Sleep, Asthma, and Education. With a wide range of experience, I can speak to our constituency and understand their concerns and needs. I am good at the art of listening and negotiating. The biggest compliment I ever got from an ex-employee told to my ex-boss, was that I was very fair and I would never ask them to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. I believe that President Dr. Schell epitomizes the ability to get individuals to work together for the good of the all (organization) and I would do my best to carry on with her hard and very detailed work. Work starts with listening to what the profession needs and wants and surrounding yourself with the people that can help you reach those goals. Communication is the key to success and must happen every step of the way.

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