AARC Election 2018 — Jon C. Inkrott

Jon C. Inkrott

Transport Section Chair-Elect

Jon C. Inkrott, RRT-ACCS

Florida Hospital Orlando, Florida Flight 1
Flight Respiratory Therapist
Orlando, FL
Member Since: 2014

AARC Activities:

  • Air and Surface Transport Specialty Practitioner of the Year, 2016
  • Webcaster
  • Professional Practice Committee, 2008–2012, 2014–present
  • Adult Acute Care, 2014–present
  • Air and Surface Transport Section, 2014–present

Affiliate Activities:

  • Member, Florida Society for Respiratory Care
  • Member, Association of Air Medical Service

Related Organizations:

  • Adjunct Clinical Instructor, Cincinnati State Technical College, 2011–2012
  • Adjunct Clinical Instructor, University of Cincinnati-Clermont, 2011–2012
  • Adjunct Clinical Instructor, Valencia College, 2015–present
  • Guest Faculty, Orlando Medical Institute Critical Care Paramedicine Program, 2016


  • AS, Respiratory Therapy, State College of Florida, 1993


  • RESPIRATORY CARE, October 2011
  • Air Medical Journal, Contributor, 2016
  • Air Medical Journal, Author, 2016
  • RESPIRATORY CARE, November 2016

Elections Committee Questions:

What AARC or Chartered Affiliate offices/positions have you held where you feel you made a significant contribution to our profession? What is the contribution and how will you apply it to your new position, if elected?

I have not held any offices or positions with the AARC or any affiliates. However, I welcome any and all opportunities afforded to me where I can and will make a contribution to our profession. I will apply my passion and excitement for what we do as respiratory professionals to engage practitioners involved in the Air and Surface Transport arena. I hope to bring about a balance of contribution among adult and neo/peds practitioners so that we may all grow and share our experiences and learn from one another.

What experience would you bring to the AARC to accomplish the goals set out by President Walsh?

President Walsh outlined his goals as quality, safety, and value. With my 24 years in the profession, I have experienced some fantastic and not so fantastic changes in the health care landscape. But overall, I have always been focused on sharing and educating others on the value of what we do and how we contribute heavily to the interdisciplinary team. These are also times where we all need to embrace quality and efficiency, but always keeping the patient as our center of care. We can continue to achieve this with therapist involvement in developing protocols and being engaged within our departments and institutions. And lastly, in this theater of practice (transport) there is nothing more vital than safety. This is not to take away from safety at the bedside, but rather to highlight the importance of safety with a critical patient in an ambulance or helicopter or fixed wing environment, focusing on the safety within that environment while also keeping the patient safe with what we do.

What ideas do you have to attract non-members to join the AARC?

BE ENGAGED!! Become active in the profession and explore what the AARC does for us. Educate oneself on the multiple avenues the profession offers and become involved in sections. It’s a good way to meet some great people and to network, furthering your involvement in the field.

FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE! It can be easy to become disassociated and frustrated with the current environment we face as health care professionals. However, we still remain one of the best professions to be in with excellent growth opportunities ahead of us. Be a part of the positive. This will become a great career instead of a job!

Role-Specific Questions:

What do you feel are the top two or three issues facing your section that you believe should be addressed while you are section chair?
  1. INVOLVEMENT! Getting folks to join the section and become active in its participation. I would welcome the opportunity to enhance the adult transport portion of the Surface and Air environment and have the two disciplines (neo/peds and adult) become more of a team than what seems like separate entities.
  2. DISCUSSION! I believe this complements involvement. We can all certainly share case studies, transport program news, new techniques and technology, opportunities (whether professional or educational) and also, as stressed before, the safety aspect of our environment.

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