AARC Members in the News | February 2016

 Published: February 2, 2016

By: AARC Staff

Good Press: AARC Members in the News features AARC members who were recently noted, quoted and interviewed.

Tammy CatesTammy Cates
Chaffee TommarelloChaffee Tommarello
Scott WileyScott Wiley
Mary CurtisMary Curtis

Debbie Farnham questions the value of e-cigarettes as a stop smoking aide in this article and video on Valley News Live out of Fargo, ND, noting that while they may be less harmful than regular cigarettes they are still bad for the body. “If you can have an alternative that’s not going to be harmful to you, why would you not be using that to help you stay away from something we know is causing harm,” she was quoted as saying.

Tammy Cates shows off the equipment and materials she was planning to use to educate the public about lung disease at an MLK Day health event in a photo in this article in the Thomasville, NC, Dispatch.

Heidi Mowry’s new job is the topic of this article in the Mansfield, OH, Richland Source. Among other duties, she’ll be heading up a community “Breathe Easy” Program aimed at pulmonary wellness and giving talks throughout the community to raise awareness of lung health.

Sharon Jewett was named a “Breast Cancer Warrior” by the Komen Race for the Cure and as such was planning to share her story of not just surviving cancer but thriving in spite of it at a recent event in West Palm Beach, FL, reports this article on TCPalm.com. Her employer was scheduled to be one of the host hospitals.

Maureen O’Donnell urges people who feel short of breath to contact their health care provider in this article in the San Angelo, TX, Standard-Times. “Shortness of breath is not a symptom of getting older,” she was quoted as saying. “People sometimes blame it on age when it actually is because of a medical condition that can be treated.”

Chaffee Tommarello encourages coal miners to learn more about filing for federal claims during a Black Lung Outreach Day at her clinic in this article and video on the CBS-TV website out of Charleston, WV. “We really want to make sure that miners are aware of these deadlines,” she was quoted as saying.

Scott Wiley says patient capacity for his pulmonary rehabilitation program has doubled to between 30 and 40 patients per day, thanks to an expansion of the pulmonary health center at his hospital made possible by generous donations from the community. The new center was covered in this article in the Naples, FL, Daily News.

Mary Curtis spoke to a group of schoolchildren about the dangers of smoking recently, and the talk was highlighted in this article in the Clearwater Tribune out of Orofino, ID. Dubbed “Tar Wars,” the program featured “Smokey Sue,” a makeshift device equipped to show the amount of the tar collected after smoking just one cigarette.

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