Corporate Partner Benefits

Since 1947, the AARC has been leading the effort to advance the respiratory care profession and promote quality respiratory care. Collaborating with our 50 state organizations and other organizations, we have successfully advocated at the federal, state and local level for patients, their families, the community, the profession and the respiratory therapist.

AARC’s Corporate Partners Objectives

The combined efforts between the respiratory care profession and manufacturers in pursuing unique and innovative ways to improve both the quality and outcomes of our patients make us natural partners in today’s healthcare continuum.

As health care finances become more strained and patient care becomes increasingly more complex, the mutual challenges become greater for the profession and its industry partners. The inherent synergies of the corporate partner concept are to provide an effective way to address those needs utilizing our combined skills and resources.

AARC’s Commitment to the Corporate Partners

AARC provides recognition of the partnerships to its membership through announcements in printed and online publications. Corporate Partners also enjoy ongoing acknowledgment and exclusive special privileges that provide avenues for extended exposure of the partner’s marketing efforts.

AARC Corporate Partner Program Details

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