The National Respiratory Patient Advocacy 2020 Award Winner Announced

 Published: November 11, 2020

By: Addie Schiefer


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The National Respiratory Patient Advocacy Award is the only nationally-recognized advocacy program dedicated to honoring outstanding registered respiratory therapists nominated by leadership. Through a collaboration of the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) and The FACES Foundation (Family & Caregiver Education & Support), the award commemorates a vital member of the health care team: the respiratory therapist. This excellent professional appreciates the “individual” instead of the “patient” and is dedicated to the principle that every breath matters.

Felix Khusid We are proud to announce the National Respiratory Patient Advocacy Award recipient, Theresa Fountain, RRT.

Theresa has worked for the Henry Ford Health System in the Department of Critical Care Support-Respiratory Therapy for 29 years. If you are in the Respiratory Therapy department and hear, “Go Go Team RT-WOO-WOO!” every therapist in the department of more than 100 strong, will know it is Theresa. She actively and continuously manages the very important morale of the department, along with being an advocate for the profession for many years. 

National Respiratory Patient Advocacy Award Finalist I – Gabrielle Davis, RRT, RRT-NPS, RRT-ACCS, CTTS, CHES

Gabrielle is the COPD Educator, Nicotine Cessation Program Coordinator for St. Luke’s Health System, in Boise, ID.  Although unrelated to this award, she is also an adjunct faculty member for the department of Respiratory Care at Boise State University, and a board member for the Idaho Society for Respiratory care.

Felix Khusid National Respiratory Patient Advocacy Award Finalist II – Van Johnson, RRT

Van has worked as an RRT at Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock, AR. since May of 2012. Van has been described by his peers as a dedicated patient advocate since his first day on the job. He has actively participated as a preceptor in local schools and has helped develop new initiatives and protocols during his time at Baptist Health.

Congratulations to these recipients! To learn more about the National Patient Advocacy Award, visit the information page.

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