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 Published: November 1, 2015

By: AARC Staff

Email spam is a fact of life and most of us are bombarded with more than we even know. Steve Nelson, associate executive director and head of AARC’s IT operation, recently held a contest among AARC staff to illustrate the great amount of spam that flows through, not just AARC, but all businesses and organizations.

“Most people have no idea how much extraneous, and sometimes malicious, email is received by their facility’s IT departments,“ said Nelson. He stressed that it isn’t just AARC but all businesses and internet service providers that have to be vigilant about segregating out unwanted and unnecessary email.

Nelson’s contest idea came with a prize — a can of Spam (and a $25 gift card).

Winners of the contest were Karen Singleterry, AARC Times assistant editor, and Sherry Milligan, associate executive director, who came closest to guessing the percentage of spam caught and deleted each weekday and weekend. 70% of emails flowing through AARC servers are spam each weekday and 94% of emails on weekends are filtered and deleted as unnecessary.

Steve Nelson presents Karen Singleterry and Sherry Milligan with the 'SPAM Award'Steve Nelson presents Karen Singleterry and Sherry Milligan with the ‘SPAM Award’

So next time you curse your email box because of the large amount of spam reaching through, thank an IT professional for stopping the even greater amount of junk that doesn’t get through!

Tips to Help You Manage Your Emails From AARC

Here are Nelson’s tips to help you deal with your personal and professional emails related to AARC.

  1. AARC does send at least one email a week, News Now@AARC. If you aren’t receiving that every Thursday, check with your IT department or internet service provider to make sure they are “white-listing” emails coming from
  1. Likewise, every other Monday, expect an AARC Career Newsletter, also coming from an address.
  1. If you participate in AARConnect discussions, make sure you are receiving emails from This is the email address from which all notifications arrive from the AARConnect daily digests and real time emails.
  1. You can control what you receive by using the AARC’s Opt In page to note which types of emails you’d like to receive from AARC. Visit our opt out page.

Email with questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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