Good Press AARC Members in the News | March 2016

 Published: March 9, 2016

By: AARC Staff

Good Press AARC Members in the News features AARC members who were recently noted, quoted and interviewed.

LaurenGearyPHOTOAARCLauren Geary
RobertJoynerPHOTOAARCRobert Joyner
DeanaRogersPHOTOAARCDeana Rogers
MikeCrabbJessicaGardnerMike Crabb and Jessica Gardner
MaryMartinasekMary Martinasek

A carbon monoxide detector in Lauren Geary’s home was the only thing standing between her family and a potentially deadly situation on Super Bowl Sunday, and she shared her story in a number of venues, including this article on the Main Line Media News website and this one on the NBC-TV website out of Philadelphia  “I believe that our story has reached thousands of individuals, and I’ve personally had over 200 individuals reach out to tell me they’ve purchased monitoring devices as a result,” she told us last week. 

Dr. Robert Joyner’s appointment to president of the National Board for Respiratory care is covered in this article in Delmarva Now out of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. “I found respiratory care by chance in 1988 and fell in love with the ability of a respiratory therapist to make a difference in a critically ill patient’s life,” Joyner was quoted as saying. “I know of no other health care profession that in a single workday has the privilege of being present to assist in the delivery of a high risk newborn in one instant, and be at a patient’s bedside to provide comfort at the end of their life in another.

Deana Rogers is noted as a speaker for a Healthy Woman event in her community in this article in the Current-Argus out of Carlsbad, NM. Deana planned to join a local physician in addressing women’s heart health and heart attack and stroke warning signs.

Donald Johnston’s research into fathers who lost their wives during the delivery of their children is the topic of this article on the Red River Radio website out of Texas and Louisiana. The project stems from personal experience. He almost lost his own wife during the delivery of their son.

Mike Crabb talks about his facility’s asthma camp for kids in this article in the Dispatch out of Davidson County, NC. “It is worth every minute watching the young campers feel more confident with their diagnosis and taking control of their health,” he was quoted as saying.

Dr. Mary Martinasek’s research study on bacteria found on the mouthpieces of hookah pipes is covered in this article in the University of Tampa’s Minaret Online. “Research has indicated that hookah smoking raises the risk of transmissible diseases such as tuberculosis, mononucleosis and oral herpes from sharing the mouthpiece and pipe, yet there is a dearth of research specific to bacterial contamination of hookah pipes,” she was quoted as saying. At the time of the article, she was getting ready to present the results to the FDA via a teleconference.

Tom Anderson’s trip to a local elementary school to teach the kids about the heart and lungs is covered in this article in the Waitsburg, WA, Times. “The community supports the hospital and we want to support the community,” he was quoted as saying.

Nancy Collick shares comments her mom made about the kindness exhibited by the first African-American nurse at her hospital in this article on the hospital website. “She always had a smile on her face,” Nancy was quoted as saying about the woman.

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