Good Press AARC Members in the News | January 2016

 Published: January 12, 2016

By: AARC Staff

Good Press AARC Members in the News features AARC members who were recently noted, quoted and interviewed.

Dina LewisDina Lewis. Photo credit:
Look inside KP
Connie DillsConnie Dills
Michael RyanMichael Ryan

Dina Lewis is credited with saving a man’s life in this article in Look inside KP. “Dina deserves all the accolades in the world. I told her she is my angel,” heart attack victim Bob Leonard was quoted as saying. Said Dina, “I just did what I was supposed to do.”

Debbie Dorshorst warns her community about the diacetyl contained in e-cigarettes in an article and video on the ABC-TV website out of Springfield, MO. “It causes a condition known as ‘Bronchiolitis Obliterans’, and basically what that is, is just an inflammation, or swelling, of the smallest airways in your lungs,” she was quoted as saying.

Connie Dills discusses nuisance alarms in a program on the Health Professional Radio website focusing on a new system at her hospital that has markedly reduced the number of alarms RTs need to respond to.

Brianne Ledesma comments on the fact that two of her patients from the same small town in Iowa received lung transplants just seven weeks apart in this article on the ABC-TV website out of Cedar Rapids. “The odds of that … I mean you’d probably have better odds of winning the lottery,” she was quoted as saying.

Michael Ryan’s book on the death of the Kennedys’ third child from respiratory distress syndrome is summarized in this article in The Daily Mail and this one on, both out of the U.K.

Melanie Biver talks about the birth of her daughter via surrogacy in this article in the Belleville, IL, News-Democrat. “No one can tell you how much you are going to love this little person and how much it’s going to change your life,” she was quoted as saying.

James Nosek PHOTO AARCJames Nosek is proud of his first graduating class.

James Nosek gets nostalgic about the first graduating class of RTs at his program in an article on the Cochise College website. “I am very proud of each of the students,” he was quoted as saying. “They have worked hard, and I see great possibilities for each of them in their future career.”

Tammy Miller expresses pride in her students as well, in this article in the Times-Enterprise out of Thomasville, GA, about a pinning ceremony held for the first class to graduate from her program after a merger with a nearby college. “The larger, merged college will facilitate exciting opportunities for future expansion of the respiratory care program, and will provide more students the chance meet the growing demand for respiratory therapists that exists at the local and national level,” she was quoted as saying.

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