Why I’m Going to AARC Congress 2022

 Published: September 14, 2022

By: Debbie Bunch



The AARC Congress is heading to New Orleans, LA, for its first in-person meeting in the last three years, and lots of people have registered for the big event. Why should you join them?

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We could list a hundred reasons, but these comments from folks who have already made up their minds to attend say it best —

I am attending the conference in November, and my main purpose is to network, get knowledge from the industry post-pandemic, and have a little vacation with my husband. A couple of things I would like to focus on are employee retention and the development of new, innovative ideas. As you know, COVID-19 made us known throughout the world, and I would like to know where we go from here. — Marcia Hector, RRT, RRT-NPS, Loganville, GA

Attending Congress 2022 and having an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues in the “Big Easy” was a no-brainer. New Orleans was the location of the last Congress I attended pre-pandemic, so it should be the first afterward. I am very excited to attend the research pre-con on Tuesday. Before I retire, it is a goal of mine to have a publication accepted into The Blue Journal (aka, the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine). I have so many colleagues that I have admired throughout my career, and having an opportunity to listen to them speak and learn from them, and also to now call them my friends, is something that I consider priceless. Being an in-hospital educator, I take everything I learn from Congress and bring it back to share with not only other therapists, but also our providers. — Rena Laliberte, BS, RRT, Detroit, MI

My decision was easy. As a regular attendee, it is a chance to network with the best and brightest in our field. I look forward to the Specialty Section meetings, the Exhibit Hall, and seeing familiar faces. — Tim Buckley, MSRC, RRT, Highwood, IL

One big reason to attend the annual Congress is to get exposure to new ideas and information in the field of respiratory therapy. Working at an institution where we look to evidence-based medicine for guidance, I’d like to be able to bring new ideas back with me to see how those ideas can be implemented at my hospital. As part of the intermediate leadership team, I look for ways to get new therapists excited about their new careers as well. Bringing together such an experienced group of therapists from all over the country is the best way to get involved in setting a standard of care and to see what works and what hasn’t worked. — Tuesday Simmons, BS, RRT, RRT-NPS, Pine Grove, CA

To me, Congress (and Summer Forum) are the leading professional meetings of our profession. The lecture content, networking, and product evaluation opportunities are second to none. Ever since my first Congress in Cincinnati, I have made every effort to attend. My top goals at Congress are to reunite and network with friends and colleagues from around the nation and to see the new and innovative technology available in the Exhibit Hall. Of course, attending lectures and earning CRCE credit are important too. I always take any opportunity to learn and earn education credits, which allows me to be very selective in the topics I attend. I always try to attend one or two lectures that may be outside my “comfort zone” to learn something I do not always have in my practice. — Jeffrey Davis, BS, RRT, Los Angeles, CA

I prefer in-person conferences to virtual, and I had a blast meeting other therapists, vendors, and speakers last time I went. My top reason to go is that I’m hoping to learn more about developing therapist-driven protocols and how to move to more value efficiency of the RT. — Laura Zesski, BSRT, RRT, Pennington, NJ

I honestly am attending the AARC Congress in New Orleans because my abstract/poster was accepted. I guess I was motivated to attempt to get an abstract accepted because I just want to travel again and be back together with all the awesome RTs from across the country to network. It has been way too long, #COVID! I am still active in the Minnesota Society for Respiratory Care Legislative Committee (I will be taking over as co-chair), so I am interested in networking with others on topics related to RT reimbursement. We need better payment for RTs in the outpatient setting. I want to network also on topics related to post-pandemic burnout for health care professionals. Lastly, Jambalaya, Beignets, Po-Boys, Crawfish Etouffee . . . do I need to say more? — Bradley Boynton, RRT, Rochester, MN

I hope to learn new innovations and best practices (with the tools provided) that I can implement within my team. — Shawna Meredith, RRT, RVT, RDCS, Chillicothe, OH

My decision was influenced by the fact that it is a live, in-person event. I’m looking forward to networking with my peers in person, touching new equipment, and seeing what vendors are offering. The AARC has always provided excellent educational opportunities, whether live or virtual, so that was not part of the decision process. — Kerry McNiven, MS, RRT, Madison, NH

Clearly, these RTs are ready to head to New Orleans for four days of in-person education and networking Nov. 9-12. Take a few moments to review the Program and then consider how this major event in respiratory care could be just the thing to reenergize your professional batteries too!

Email newsroom@aarc.org with questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you.

Debbie Bunch

Debbie Bunch is an AARC contributor who writes feature articles, news stories, and other content for Newsroom, the AARC website, and associated emailed newsletters. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, photography, and spending time with her children and grandchildren. Connect with Debbie by email or on AARConnect or LinkedIn.

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