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07 Feb

February 2020 | Vol. 44, Issue 2

Michael Amato Envisions a “Global Community” for RTs; RC Week Goes International; The Global Perspective; Clinical Perspectives | Oxygen Saturation Index: A New Predictor for Respiratory Failure?; Ventilation for Life | The Most Misunderstood Concepts in Mechanical Ventilation; Clinical Perspectives | Interventional Pulmonology Respiratory Therapists (IPRT): An Emerging Specialty Enriching the Practice of Advanced Bronchoscopy;… Read more »

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08 Jan

January 2020 | Vol. 44, Issue 1

AARC Congress 2019: Where Professionals Came to Grow; Honoring Our Best and Brightest; No One Can Stop You But You; Clinical Perspectives: Pressure Injuries and the RT: What is Our Role?; Ventilation for Life: Nonventilatory Strategies for Severe ARDS?; From the President’s Desk; General Counsel: Your Ethical Duty; RC Currents; and Industry Watch.

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06 Dec

December 2019 | Vol. 43, Issue 12

Clinical Perspectives: Respiratory Care – A View of the Future with an Eye on the Past; Ventilation for Life: Mechanical Ventilation in the Year 2030; Chronic Disease Manager: Evolution and Future; Coming of Age: Predicting the Future of Respiratory Care for Geriatric Patients; Sleep Waves: Future Predictions for Sleep Medicine; Cover Story: Evolving Along with… Read more »

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30 Oct

November 2019 | Vol. 43, Issue 11

Ventilation for Life: How Hard is Your Patient Working?; Chronic Disease Manager: Evolution of a Pulmonary Function Laboratory Accreditation Program; Cover Story: Top-Notch Care for America’s Heroes; How to Make Education Fun in Pulmonary Rehabilitation; COPD: Contemporary Strategies to Manage an Old Disease; Modifying the Progression of COPD

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01 Oct

October 2019 | Vol. 43, Issue 10

Headed to New Orleans? Here Are Four Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss!; Cover Story: A Man for All Seasons; Clinical Perspectives: The RT’s Role in Critical Care: Comfort Care or Euthanasia?; Ventilation for Life: Mechanical Ventilation Strategies of ECMO Patients; and Sleep Waves: Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation as a Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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29 Aug

September 2019 | Vol. 43, Issue 9

Should I Stay or Should I Go?; Headed to New Orleans? Here are Four Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss!; Let the Good Times Roll!; World Health Organization Resolution Makes Patient Safety a Global Priority; Cover Story: AARC Congress Advance Program; Keeping Patient Safety at the Forefront

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31 Jul

August 2019 | Vol. 43, Issue 8

Clinical Perspectives: Nonpharmacological Management of Retained Secretions in the ICU Patient; Chronic Disease Management: How the Legalization of Cannabis Will Affect the RT Profession; Here’s a Little Taste of the Topics You’ll Find at AARC Congress 219; When Life Hangs in the Balance, You Need RTs on the Team; Cover Story: Bellatores Nostros A Morte… Read more »

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26 Jun

July 2019 | Vol. 43, Issue 7

Ventilation for Life: Mechanical Power and the Dangerous Threshold Index; Clinical Perspectives: The Need for Standardized Respiratory Care Process and Language; Saving Your Job & License Through Good Documentation; Cover Story: Social Determinants of Health

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22 May

June 2019 | Vol. 43, Issue 6

General Counsel: Nothing You Can Say; Chronic Disease Manager: How Much Self Care Can Your COPD Patient Handle?; Minnesota RTs Break New Ground in Telemedicine; Cover Story: AARC 2018 Annual Report

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01 May

May 2019 | Vol. 43, Issue 5

AARC Times Rewind: An International Affair; Chronic Disease Manager: Home Asthma Education: Can I Get Reimbursed for That?; Ventilation for Life: ICU Patients on Ventilators Can Get Up and Moving; Cover Story: Work/Life Balance: What Millennials Want; Work/Life Balance: What Managers Are Doing; Feedback Isn’t a Dirty Word

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