AARC Election 2023 — Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson

Education Section Chair

Jennifer Anderson

Associate Professor Program Chair
Midwestern State University
Member Since: 2001

AARC Activities:

  • AARC Education Section ChairElect 2020 2021
  • AARC Education Section Chair 2021 2023
  • Member of Board of Directors 2021 2023
  • AARC Election Committee 2021
  • BOD liaison to CoBGRTE 2022 present
  • Standard 1.01 Task Force CoChair 2021-2022
  • AARC Membership Committee Chair 2019-2020
  • AARC Finance Committee Member 2019-2020
  • AARC Audit Sub Committee Member 2019-2020
  • AARC Education Section Member 2007-Present

HOD Activities:

  • House of Delegate HOD Officer Treasurer 2019 2021
  • Texas Society of Respiratory Care Delegate 2014-2018
  • CoChair House of Delegates Volunteer and Mentoring Committee 2016-2018
  • House of Delegates Volunteer and Mentoring Committee 2014-2016
  • House of Delegates Strategic Objective 4 Committee 2016-2019

Affiliate Activities:

  • Political Action Contact Team PACT Advocacy Representative 20142018
  • President of North Texas Region 2013-2014
  • Election Committee Chair 2016
  • Program Committee CoChair 2014
  • Program Committee 2014-2018
  • Student Mentor Chair 2015 2018
  • Bylaws and Judicial Committee Member 2016-2018
  • Executive Office Task Force Committee Chair 2014

Related Organizations:

  • The Coalition of Baccalaureate and Graduate Respiratory Therapy Education CoBGRTE
  • CoBGRTE Board of Directors 2014-2018
  • CoBGRTE Secretary 2017-2018
  • Texas Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions member 2014-present
  • Lambda Beta Society MSU Faculty Member 2007-present


  • EdD University of North Texas Denton Texas 2014
  • M.A. Texas Womans University Denton Texas 2007


  • Professional Article
    • Gresham Anderson J 2021. A Little Less Drama Conflict Resolution Tools. American Association for Respiratory Care Newsroom https://www.aarc.organ21alittlelessdramaconflictresolutiontools
  • Refereed Journals
    • Helton P. R. GreshamAnderson J. 2021. Undergraduate Health Science Education during a Pandemic Perceptions and Experiences of Respiratory Care Students. Respiratory Care Education Annual
    • Gresham Anderson J. Rojas J. Kemp L. 2021. Respiratory Therapy Department Credentialing and Educational Level Impact on Patient Outcomes A Pilot Study. Respiratory Care Education Annual
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    • Gresham J. Bowles B. Gibson M. Robinson K. Farris M. Felts J. 2012 Deathplanning for the inevitable a hybrid honors course. Honors In Practice 8 4354.

Elections Committee Questions:

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the AARC and what do you recommend to address it?

The biggest challenge facing the AARC is the perception of the organization. There have been a lot of challenges and changes over the past few years for the organization and the profession. In May of 2022, several key stakeholders met and did strategic planning. The AARC will need to formulate strategies to successfully execute the strategic plan. Transparency and communication with members are important pieces of the key to success. In addition, there must be tracking reporting and performance management. There must be follow-through and not reinventing the wheel. The AARC should work with other key organizations to address issues of retention value leadership and recruitment. The AARC must demonstrate the value of being a member of the organization. Most importantly the AARC should celebrate and reward the wins small and big.

What ideas do you have to help todays Respiratory Therapist recover from the pandemic and what do you feel is the main issue Respiratory Care Practitioners are facing, and what key solutions should be addressed to support our profession?

Respiratory Therapists are HEROS. Respiratory Care Practitioners are facing a multitude of issues. The main issues I feel the profession is facing are staffing issues and burnout. I feel we need to find out what Respiratory Therapists want. Listen and hear how they feel and learn more about how they want to be supported. Continue to update and build new clinical practice guidelines. Find unique ways to recruit students to help them with tuition and get qualified well prepared respiratory therapists into the workforce in a timely manner. Help RTs feel valued at the bedside by providing advancement and educational opportunities. Create self-care mental health initiatives, workshops, and programs. Help to bring back joy. Help RTs find their WHY again.

Role-Specific Questions:

Value of this section is important. If given the opportunity to represent, what would you do to increase the value to this section and how would you increase section membership?

All stakeholders must work together to amplify their voices. Respiratory Therapists need to be well known and recognized as valued members of the healthcare team. We need to move forward with advanced education initiatives Bachelor Master Doctoral APRT. We must define the value-added role of the respiratory therapist. Leaders, managers, directors, and educators must continue to work together to find unique ways to recruit students and help them with tuition. Get qualified well prepared respiratory therapists into the workforce in a timely manner. The respiratory profession needs to be a household name. I would love to see a TV or reality show about respiratory therapists. Execute a sustainable marketing plan. Dream big!

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