AARC Election 2018 — Olivia L. Jenkins

Olivia Jenkins

Transport Section Chair-Elect

Transport Respiratory Therapist

Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City
Kansas City, MO
Member Since: 2011

AARC Activities:

  • Transport Section Member, 2015–present

Affiliate Activities:

  • Missouri Society for Respiratory Care, District 4 President, July 1, 2016–present

Related Organizations:

  • Registered Respiratory Therapist
  • Neonatal Pediatric Specialty
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program Provider
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
  • American Heart Association Healthcare Provider
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Transport Provider Advanced Trauma Course
  • Current Missouri Respiratory Care License
  • Current Kansas Respiratory Care License
  • Current Missouri Society of Respiratory Care District Four, President
  • Current American Association for Respiratory Care, Member
  • Current AARC Transport Section, Member
  • Current American Academy of Pediatrics, Member
  • Current Society for Human Resource Management, Member


  • University of Missouri-Columbia, Bachelor of Health Science in Respiratory Care, 2012
  • Webster University, Master of Health Administration, Currently Enrolled

Elections Committee Questions:

What AARC or Chartered Affiliate offices/positions have you held where you feel you made a significant contribution to our profession? What is the contribution and how will you apply it to your new position, if elected?

In 2016 I was elected the Missouri Society for Respiratory Care district IV president. Throughout my term I have learned a lot about serving in an elected position and how best to make improvements. I have updated many years worth of documents, organized bimonthly CRCE opportunities, and put on a successful regional conference with help from our board. One thing I am currently working towards is reaching out to more people about our CRCE opportunities and ways to get involved in our profession.

What experience would you bring to the AARC to accomplish the goals set out by President Walsh?
  1. The goals set out by President Walsh must be completed with organization, in a timely manner, and with professionalism. These are all qualities and skills I have. I’ve always worked toward using these skills to, not only advance my own career, but also to help others achieve success for themselves and their patients. To do this we must all work together in networking ideas, obtaining education, and providing any other support to give our patients the care that they deserve.
  2. I am also very passionate about the profession and the work that I do. I enjoy working on research, leading our department’s continuing quality and practice improvement team, organizing data, etc.
What ideas do you have to attract non-members to join the AARC?
  1. This is an area that I feel will take time and multiple approaches. I would like to look at what has been done in the past and continue from there:
    1. Provide membership options at a discounted rate to whole departments for their respiratory therapists
    2. Send updates via mail with advertisements for the section to transport departments around the country (section specific)
    3. Provide education – While starting my career there was so much going on I didn’t follow everything. Later, someone educated me about the AARC and opportunities it can provide and I became more involved.

Role-Specific Questions:

What do you feel are the top two or three issues facing your section that you believe should be addressed while you are section chair?
  1. I would want to engage people in more meaningful, more frequent conversations about transport and spur more interest in the group. This should be more than a resume builder – instead it should be the number one place people go to for ideas to better their departments, programs, and patient care.
  2. I would also want to increase membership. I’ve learned in the last two years how much this profession has to offer, and I do believe that there are others out there who would share my enthusiasm if they knew what opportunities are available.

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