About the Chair

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Timothy Buckley, MSc, RRT, FAARC

Tim Buckley is a respiratory therapist with nearly 50 years of experience in all aspects of Respiratory Care. His experience includes Pediatrics, managing a PICU, various Home Respiratory companies. Tim also worked as a System Director in several healthcare organizations with multi-site responsibilities for Acute Care, Respiratory Care, Pulmonary Function, Sleep and Neurodiagnostics.

Tim was honored as a Fellow of the AARC in 2002 for his contributions to the Respiratory Care profession. In 2004 he was honored to receive the Invacare Award (now the Thomas Petty Award) for his outstanding contributions to Home Respiratory Care.

Tim has recently retired from active Respiratory Care. He remains contributing to the AARC and various consulting opportunities. Tim was elected as Section Chair in 2021.

In addition to his professional work, Tim is active in the aviation community (currently rebuilding a 1940 airplane) and has four grandchildren who are all bright and good looking. Tim resides in the Chicago area.

Previous Ambulatory and Post-Acute Care Section Chairs

Year Chair/Co-chair
2019–2021 Adam Mullaly, BSRT, RRT, AE-C

Previous Continuing Care/Rehab Section Chairs

Year Chair/Co-chair
2017–2018 Krystal Craddock, BSRC, RRT-NPS, AE-C, CCM, Gene Gantt, RRT, FAARC, Zachary Gantt, BS, RRT
2016 Trina M. Limberg, BS, RRT, FAARC
2013–2015 Gerilynn Connors, BS, RRT
2007–2012 Debra M. Koehl, MS, RRT, AE-C
2003–2006 Cheri Duncan, RRT
2001–2003 Mary K. Hart, RRT
1999–2000 Trina M. Limberg, BS, RRT
1997–1998 Julien M. Roy, BA, RRT
1995–1996 Gretchen Lawrence, BA, RRT
1993–1994 Cathi Muselman, CRTT
1991–1992 Lana R. Hilling, CRTT
1989–1990 Laura J. Reisman Beytas, BSPH, RRT
1987–1988 James M. Maguire, PhD, CRTT
1985–1986 Jerry A. O’Ryan, BS, RRT
1984 James M. Maguire, PhD, CRTT
1983 Unavailable
1982 James M. Maguire, MEd, CRTT
1979–1981 Marion T. Leone, RN
1978 Donna Lee Frownfelter, BA, RPT, RRT

Previous Long-Term Care Section Chairs

Year Chair/Co-chair
2012-2015 Lorraine Bertuola, BA, RRT
2008–2011 Gene Gantt, RRT
2007 Maria M. Wooldridge, MA, RRT
2006 Gretchen May-Fendo, RRT
2003–2005 Melinda Gaylor-Childress, MEd., RRT
2002 Carol C. Dague, BS, RRT
1999–2000 Becky Mabry, BS
1997–1998 Kevin Cornish, RRT
1995–1996 Patrick Dunne, MEd, RRT

Previous Home Care Section Chairs

Year Chair/Co-chair
2014–2016 Kimberly Wiles, BS, RRT, CPFT
2010–2014 Greg Spratt BS, RRT, CPFT
2007–2010 Robert McCoy, BS, RRT, FAARC
2003–2007 Joan Kohorst, MA, RRT-NPS
1999–2003 Joseph Lewarski, RRT
1997–1998 Nicholas J. Macmillan, AGS, RRT
1995–1996 Allan B. Saposnick, MS, RRT
1993–1994 Patrick J. Dunne, MEd, RRT