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Krystal Craddock, BSRC, RRT-NPS, AE-C, CCM

Krystal started her career in respiratory therapy over 10 years ago. Since 2012 she has worked in the ROAD program as a COPD Case Manager at the University of California Davis Medical Center, and currently supervises this program. As a Respiratory Case Manager, she provides education to COPD patients during their hospital admission and coordination of follow up and continuing care at discharge and beyond. She has been awarded the Charles W. Serby COPD Research Fellowship Award in 2013 and Mike B. West Patient Education Award in 2016. She is on the RT Magazine advisory board for her expertise in COPD patient care. Krystal contributes to the field of respiratory care and advocates for RT’s as respiratory case managers by providing training to RT’s as well as teaching advanced respiratory case management to BSRT students.

Previous Chairs

Year Chair
2016 Trina M. Limberg, BS, RRT, FAARC
2013 to 2015 Gerilynn Connors, BS, RRT
2007 to 2012 Debra M. Koehl, MS, RRT, AE-C
2003 to 2006 Cheri Duncan, RRT
2001 to 2003 Mary K. Hart, RRT
1999 to 2000 Trina M. Limberg, BS, RRT
1997 to 1998 Julien M. Roy, BA, RRT
1995 to 1996 Gretchen Lawrence, BA, RRT
1993 to 1994 Cathi Muselman, CRTT
1991 to 1992 Lana R. Hilling, CRTT
1989 to 1990 Laura J. Reisman Beytas, BSPH, RRT
1987 to 1988 James M. Maguire, PhD, CRTT
1985 to 1986 Jerry A. O’Ryan, BS, RRT
1984 James M. Maguire, PhD, CRTT
1983 Unavailable
1982 James M. Maguire, MEd, CRTT
1979 to 1981 Marion T. Leone, RN
1978 Donna Lee Frownfelter, BA, RPT, RRT